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Judge orders free college tuition for 200,000 MI students

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Dec 17, 2002.

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    Missouri alumni who went to court here claiming that state law entitled them to free tuition have won a ruling that could force the university to refund $450 million to some 200,000 students, past and present.

    Their suit, filed four years ago, was based on an 1889 law providing that "all youths, resident of the state of Missouri, over the age of 16 years," could attend the university without paying tuition.

    Missouri was one of more than a dozen agrarian states that adopted such laws in the late 1880's, a result of a pro-farm populist movement. Robert Herman, the lawyer who brought the case, says all those states except Missouri changed their laws by the 1930's. But in Missouri it was only last year, with the suit pending, that the law was changed to allow for tuition payments.



    So let it be written, so let it be done.

    Peter :D
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    thats quite amazing to me. there's no way colleges can pay out this much money, we're talking tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars... i cant believe they didnt repeal this law, the congress should be punished, not the schools...

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    How are the schools being punished? From the early '90's until recently, universities we having double digit tuition increases, yearly,. And until very recently (at least in Michigan), they were getting large amounts of money from the state, not to mention grants, etc.

    Sorry, no sympathy from me.
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    Tuition hikes, at least in MN, have largely been a result of ever-decreasing state funding. The current trend in higher education is, "Don't worry about the cost - just take out loans. Your education will enable you to pay them off easily within... well, probably within your lifetime."
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    Yes very little of the tuition hikes, at least here in Iowa, has to do with the universities mis-managing money, most of it is the state budget cutting back more every year. Colleges cost money to run, and public universities *should* be supported by taxes as well as tuitions (it's what separates them from private colleges...)

    So i think, if the universities have been getting less and less public funding, and now they have to pay back tuition for 200,000 students... guess what? if this college wants to stay open, tuition hikes are going to be HUGE. i certainly wouldnt want to pay, say ten thousand dollars a semester to cover the results of some archaeic law... this is just going to keep hurting today's and tomorrow's university students.

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    I've got to think that there has to be a statute of limitations issue. I don't thinnk they will be able to go back and force refunds for tuition paid more than x years ago. Wow, what a case. I wonder if that attorney took it on a contengency basis.
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    By the way, Missouri's abbreviation is MO. MI is for Michigan.

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