July ATI Killed my Q3 and UT in OS X.

Discussion in 'Games' started by Coppertop, Jul 24, 2002.

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    I updated my ATI driver with the ATI July release from versiontracker in sheer ignorance. I just assumed if my video card was among the list of drivers to be updated, I couldn't go wrong. Well, it so happens that I can no longer play Quake 3, nor Unreal Tournament preview in OS X anymore without getting errors or sudden quit. Quake 3 gives an error saying something along the lines of: "cannot initalize opengl", and my Unreal Tournament just quits midway through loading the game. However, upgrading my ati in OS 9, both of those games work fine for me when I boot back into OS 9.
    I've already deleted my .config files for both Q3 and UT, so that isn't the answer. Anybody have any other suggestions or answers how I can get Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament to work in OS X for me again?
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    no opengl driver found I guess. They might not have included it in the update. Not sure. Still waiting for my mac :)
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    ATI Video Update and OpenGL

    ATI Video Update and OpenGL are two entirely different things, yet they work together in sync with many games and software. Point being here is that BEFORE I installed the update, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament preview was working just fine in OS X. It wasn't until I updated the ATI driver from ATI's July updater then I started having problems.
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    Re: ATI Video Update and OpenGL

    What type of video card do you own, and what system is it in? It probably won't, but it might help.

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    What type?


    It's a: 266 mhz beige G3, 512 megs ram, Rage Orion video card, 60gb running OS X 10.1.5 and OS 9.2.2.
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    I had nearly the same system, but the ati card that I had quit on me before the update came out. Everything on mine worked fine up until that point, including UTX and Q3A. I suppose that this doesn't help because I never update to the new drivers.

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    Got it fixed now.

    Well upon making the decision to upgrade to Jaguar, I decided to start from scratch. So I ended up erasing my OS X drive and re-installing 10.1.4 then upgrading to 10.2 Jaguar. With that in mind, my games were on another partition... I checked them out and now they work just fine without the July ATI update.

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