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JULY Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by icloud, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Welcome to the July MacRumors Desktop Thread.

    This is mine for July! -


    Tried to make it simple yet elegant since ill be doing a lot of work off it for the summer. I needed something that was useable yet still very simple and organized. As non-intrusive as possible.

    Hope you enjoy.

    |Desktop/Clean| - |Desktop/Dirty| - |Dashboard|
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    There's my desktop...icloud I really like your icons. Would you care to share where you got them?
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    Bubbasteve, that's pretty cool!
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    beige matchbox


    Click for bigger (414Kb)
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    Here's my work PC desktop. I'll post the home Mac desktop soon.

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    Click ME for full size image
    Thats the pc (in windows at the moment)... the mac isn't being used right now seeing that theres no network connection for it while the house is being worked on.
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    Click for full size:
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    monkey see....monkey do

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  10. tag
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    Honestly I'm quite partial to the default blue mac splash background, but never the less, here is what I have, today at least...

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    Well, it's a little bit early, but here we go:

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    Here's my home desktop.

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    Brother Michael

    Well it is still June 30th for me...

    ...but what the hey, right?!

    Here is my nautical themed desktop.

    I have taken a huge interest in sailing all of a sudden. I am going this weekend (last weekend there wasn't wind) to a race that a local club puts on. The ship captains always like having extra hands to help out. Can't wait.

    So am I. I hardly ever change it from that.

    I love the city pic. Do you have one that has a skyline view on it?
  14. EGT
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    I have to cheat and post 3 of my favourites. (sorry)

    Better go find the power adaptor! Battery is now at 10%!

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    how do you post a full-size image? Don't you bracket the address with
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    Im liking the mini at the moment, this is the cooper s done up by John cooper works :cool:

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    Hey, EGT I love that toucan (it is one of them, right?)

    Any idea where I could get that image?
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    Current background:

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    Flags at Glastonbury 2005

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    Do you have a link for that pic? Its awesome!
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    Going for sort of a light-hearted robot thing here...

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    on my new 23incher. I can't remember where i got the image from!
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    Linkety, perhaps? Much thanks and a very cool wallpaper.
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    beige matchbox

    I dont have one of that area, but theres loads of city images at macdesktops.com

    it can be found here
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    I'm flyin on the clouds this week.

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