June Desktops 2010

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by upaymeifixit, May 31, 2010.

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    June 2010 is over, here is the July Desktops 2010 thread.

    I re-orgainzed my desk, so I felt like a different like a different Wallpaper was needed too. Any ideas for what could make this the best desktop ever?
    Wallpaper by manicho, Dock Icons by brsev, Theme by Wowzera (where are you?)
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    So, uh... it clearly says May 31st on your desktop.;)
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    Doesn't mean it's not June elsewhere ;)
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    Shh, nobody else will notice :D Actually it's almost eight hours into May in Nuku'alofa! So, yeah. My conversation with ethical about it.
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    Not much different to last month. It is just such a beautiful place

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    Does any one have the Classic Mac OS Smiley Face desktop background from OS 8 9?
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    This took me a while to get exactly how I wanted but here it is.

    It's on my secondary display. My primary display isn't anything special since I always have an app open full screen. The hardest part was getting the AM/PM to change at the proper time. I found a great little program called The Twenty-Four Hour Movie to switch between the two images at 12AM and 12PM.

    Delorean - Mac HD with OS
    Mr. Fusion - External HD
    Flux Capacitor is what makes time travel possible - Time Machine external HD

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    That's fantastic, nicely done!
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    Any chance of the original image? Thank you kindly!
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    Here is mine.

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    Here's where my desktop is from.

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    Nice to see you got it working. How much CPU/RAM does The 24 hour movie use? How are you getting the quotes?
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  18. Mal
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    There's a couple here:

    My desktop hasn't changed since last month, but I'll post it again because I like it. I'll edit my post with the source for the picture if I can find it again, but I generally don't save that information.


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    Thanks, I was pretty excited to get it working also.

    The 24 Hour Movie uses next to nothing. I don't even see it in my processes. It runs in the background and you don't even need the app to be open. Here is was the developer told me..."It adds a Launch Agent that periodically runs, changing the desktop background. It's harmless, really ... you can even check it out in your ~/Library/LaunchAgents folder after you first enable the feature."

    Here is the quotes script I used. Don't remember where I got it, may have been on here. I still haven't figured out a way to have the author always on a separate line.


    curl -s ${quotesource} |sed -e :a -e 's/<[^>]*>//g;/</N;//ba' | \
    sed -e s/document.write\(\'//g | \
    sed -e s/\'\)\;//g | \
    sed 's/More quotes from / -- /g'| \
    sed '$!N;s/\n/ /'
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    My vote for Desktop of the year!

    Any way you could make this downloadable??? :)
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    I'll up the original shortly for anyone that wants it.
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    Thanks for the vote!!!

    It took some time to compile everything but here it is.

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    Mine [​IMG]
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    Looking forward to what WWDC may bring this year...and on the 12th I'm looking for a new desktop for the World Cup! :D

    Image comes from here

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