June Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by ViciousShadow21, May 31, 2009.

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    Post your desktops for the month! Its a little early but its close to June, depending on where you live.

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    Trying out the white PodDrive icons. Click HERE if you would like to download them, as soon as you click this link it will start downloading. Wallpaper called Dream Forrest Part I

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    Here is mine. Don't ask where I got the wallpaper, I don't remember. :p

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  3. JL7
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    Mine for June

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    Agent Smith

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    Wallpaper > InterfaceLIFT

    Video > Girls Aloud, 'Can't Speak French'
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    it's still the 31st here in Wisconsin but here it goes
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    Here is mine:

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    How do you change the icon font?

    I can see how you make it bigger and smaller, but can you change the font.. specifically i want to get rid of the shadowing.

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    Still celebrating!!!

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    Well... It isn't June for me either. But here is my desktop.

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    It's not June here as well, but I'll play along. Speaking of playing around, I fooled around a little bit with Adium, but not sure if I like the colors of the contact list. Later I plan on messing with GeekTool.

    Leopard Space 6.png
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    It's not June for me either :p
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    Not quite June here but ...
    Picture 1.jpg
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    Not yet June here either but...meh
    Haven't changed a lot since last month but here it is...

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    Chris 123


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    Where did you get the dock icons?
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    Wow, nice dock! Do you know where I can get that dock??
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    Go to my profile, look for Delta909 profile and search Notorious Dock :p
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    Poor Angelina. She looks slightly gaunt. Stress must be getting to her.
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    Not quite June here either, but I'll put this one up anyways. Click for details.

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    i have aquired them over a long period of time just let me know which ones you want.

    left to right they are as follows 1. finder, 2. dash, 3. Safari, 4. Firefox, 5. Stainless, 6. iTunes, 7. Vuze, 8. Transmission, 9. uTorrent, 10. VLC, 11. Quicktime, 12. WMP, 13. RealPlayer, 14. DivX, 15. Toast, 16. Google Earth, 17. PS, 18. Word, 19. Rosetta Stone, 20. iChat, 21. Preview, 22. System Prefs, 23. Candy Bar, 24. DVD Player, 25. Apps, 26. DL's, 27. Pics, 28. Trash

    i did change some of these recently so let me know if you want the ones in my first post

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    Got it! Great looking dock!
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