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Juno and Panther

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by jsfpa, Oct 26, 2003.

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    I upgraded to Panther and lost the use of Juno dialup. The Juno software crashes when it trys to connect via the modem.
    Any suggestions??

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    Same problem here. It could not, any way, get the stupid program to run. I even tried just logging in through internet connect, but you know Juno won't allow that for whatever reason. Since I unfortunatly didn't do a Carbon Clone of my Jaguar system before installing Panther, I had to wipe my system clean then install Jaguar to run Juno, which sux bad since I want to play with Panther .:mad: I figure its just a software compatibilty problem but Juno has not released any updates to their software, and tech support is via email only and phone support will cost almost $2 a minute, so I'm just sitting here hoping to get an email from them with advice, so I can get back to Panther again. But I certainly feel your pain.
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    Reply from Juno support

    Thanks for taking the time to write to Juno e-mail support.

    Please be assured that we are aware of the problem you are facing while trying to use Juno with Macintosh OS 10.3.

    We are currently investigating this issue, and will inform you at the earliest when the same is resolved.

    We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    Thanks for using Juno!
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    I go so frustrated of not being able to use Panther that on Monday I decided to look at other services. I came across Earthlink, and they have a current promotion of six months at $10.95 (a $1 more than Juno's), so I decided to give them a shot. I have to say I am very impressed with their service. I don't have this annoying program or toolbar running (they have an optionally, decent looking mini-dock), also I have had no dropped connections so far (with Juno I had many), and overall the service plays real nice with MacOSX, even Panther to be exact (since I know Apple and Earthlink have a pretty good relationship). But I am so thrilled that now I can enjoy Panther once again, and surf the web as well :D!!!
    So my advice is make the jump to Earthlink, since as of I have not found any regrets (and its nice to know they have better support services than Juno). The only drawback is that after the six months promotion, the price goes up to $21.50, but by then I might just to broadband services or be satisfied enough with the service to pay the price.
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    Did anybody get an update from Juno? I still cannot get connected!
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    Just sign up with an ISP that does not require a proprietary frontend.
    (Earthlink or local ISP etc...)
    Even if Juno/AOL etc... eventually releases an update for the latest MacOS, you'll have the same problem again next year.
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    Fix for Juno and Panther from Juno support

    The latest verison of the Juno software for Macintosh OSX, available on the Juno download site at : http://my.juno.com/s/download is compatible with Macintosh OS 10.3.

    Please download the latest version of the software to resolve any software conflicts that you could be facing while trying to use Juno with Macintosh OS 10.3.

    Thanks for using Juno!
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    EXE is downloaded instead of PKG or SIT

    To whoever is checking this forum from Juno Support.
    I appreciate the extra effort you made to monitor this forum, but can you check out why we're given the Windows EXE when I try to download either the OS X or OS 9 Juno packages?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Got it, but not from Juno

    I got the download from the wonderful WilliamGates! Juno cannot seem to understand that their link points to the wrong file.
    My husband posted it to his .Mac account and has given me permission to post a link:
    Here 'tis
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    Thanks Pennyburt!

    But after much trial and error, I also managed to craft the right url by logically guessing at the possible permutations off the Juno site.


    I compared it with the one your husband published off the .mac site and it's the same.

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