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Just a random Apple sticker

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by livingfortoday, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I was walking at this late hour to the store a few blocks from here, and I happened to see this Apple sticker, so I took a picture. I don't know why, but it really made my evening to see it there, so ya know. Nothing really special about it, just figured I'd share:

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    That is one high-quality dumpster.
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    I think it's either some sort of electrical box, or phone-related thingamabober. I'm gonna call it the iBox from now on, though, and swear that my neighborhood gets better quality power because of it, even though my electric bill is almost double that of the other neighborhoods. But I've never had a blackout yet!
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    Sounds like a Mac. Cost a bit more, but you get better quality :D
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    mad jew

    Graffiti just got incredibly stylish! ;)
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    indeed, too bad its peeling off already
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    i put that there. nope. i lied. but i have done that before... we should start a world wide phenomenon of just planting apple stickers everywhere we go..NICE FIND livingfortoday
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    Ooh, this is good. Deface private property with the logo of our favorite computer company. I can see where this would really help sales...
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    Yep, it's called "advertising." Welcome to the real world!
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    Who say's it's defacing? ;)
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    look at the music community. how do you advertise a show, or new band etc.? stickers, flyers, posters. next to each other in rows of 50. stuck on everything possible. call it defacing, that's fine, but it will increase sales. just like your moniker reminded me i need to buy some RAM this week, apple stickers everywhere will remind people that they "need" that other apple product. and if you don't believe this type of propaganda works, there are several million people dead from wars long gone that might still be here if it weren't for some cleverly placed "stickers" of certain political parties. and even Apple itself is about the "stick everywhere" campaign. witness this common scene in my attachment. this ad was about a city block long.

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    Must.... buy.... more.... iPods!

    But seriously, yeah, it's true that seeing something like an Apple logo will remind people of Apple, and they'll carry that with them all day. That's why advertising works, because like it or not, we're influenced by little things like that even if we don't realize it at the time.

    I think it'd be neat to start a thread where we posted up sticker pictures of stickers we had... stuck... on things.
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    Maybe it's not a random Apple sticker... maybe.... it's a Powerbook G5?! :eek:
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    Nice one! :D

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