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Just been with a G5!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Tiauguinho, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Ok guys, half an hour ago i was playing with a new G5 on a product demo here in Portugal.

    All I can say is... WOW!!!! Im really amazed with this new machine. The touch of it its awsome and the design is something really out of this world. The photos on the apple website dont make it enough justice. Taking out the cover is easy and the inside of the machine is outstanding! Those heatsinks are a work of art! Taking out the fans is easy as well, you just need to pull them off.

    Now for the tests... The machine was a Dual G5 with 1GB of RAM running 10.2.7(of course). It didnt had internet so i couldnt get some bench tools to try it on, but i did some common benchs. Boot up time was 51 seconds, from Chime to working Dock and Finder. Photoshop took 3 bounces to open on a cold start and it was photoshop 7.01, so it wasnt ready for the G5. Finder search or anything you do on the finder is fast, when i say fast im comparing it to my QuickSilver Dual G4 1Ghz. Resizing windows was excelent.

    The G5 had FCP 4 on it and all i can say that i was amazed with it, both the software and the hardware performance. Its fast doing the LiveType renders on some complex stuff.

    A friend of mine that was with me, is a photoshop geek, so he runned the PS benchmarks of is own. Radial blurs after radial blurs the machine hanged in there fast, taking both processors to the max for several minutes. You could hear the fans starting to blow a bit stronger, with all the effort that it was making. Oh, yeah, the sound of the machine is almost not hearable. Im used to constant fans, but this PM sure isnt constant at all. Its always adjusting the fan speeds to the inside temperature. But fear not, you cant hear a damn thing until the sucker goes to the max! And... Its still damn quiet! My Quicksilver is noisier, much noisier! Jonathan Ive really deserves congratulations on this one! You can feel the heat coming out of the back, it really blows a lot heat, but the fans remain quiet. Its amazing.

    On Multitasking... well, we had photoshop doing a Radial Blur on a big file and we opened all the apps on the dock ( FCP 4, iDVD, iTunes, Safari, Lightwave, Quark 6, Address book, etc) and there wasnt a performance hit at all! If the machine did that with only 1GB of RAM i can only imagine the behaviour of that beast with 8GB of RAM.

    In conclusion: This is one hardcore PowerMac!! I think that the only thing that its holding its legs is the software, even the OS! Its beatifully designed, its quiet, its awsome just to stare at the insides of it, its easy to expand (taking the HD out takes 10 seconds and the same amount of time to put one in) and its fast, very fast! With Panther that "kick ass" Powermac will fly! Its a machine that I advise to all Power users, but you make sure to get a lot of RAM, those G5's are hungry!

    I dont know what more can I say, its already 2:27 AM here, so if you have any questions please feel free to make them. I'll try to post some photos later.

    Photos: http://www.iclub.com.pt/art_pmg5_live.html
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    Your title "Just Been with a G5" brought some weird sexual images to my head. Ahhh! Get them out!

    But seriously, this sounds like a rocken machine. I have the Dual 1 Ghz also and if you are blown away with the g5's speed it must rock.

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    sweetness...im so excited....im ordering my G5 in a couple weeks...i just got all my "accesories" tonight (mouse, speakers, etc.)

    can't wait!!
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    hahah i thought the same weird thing.
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    I've been thinking about being with a G5 for months...When I finally see it in person I will have to keep reminding myself that I'm taken......
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    sounds great i cant wait to try one at my apple retailer..
    when it shows up.

    i just wonder how much faster it is clock for clock over a g4

    if you have a dual 1ghz g4.. well the dual 2ghz g5 should atleast seem twice as fast.. just for the mhz

    so even if the new machine was a dual 2ghz G4! it should seem very quick

    some of the info ive read.. online.. doesnt really give a good indication of how much the g5 is faster then the G4 when at the same clock speed.
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    I've got a Dual 800 G4 and its speed is awesome in Final Cut Pro, running with two 22-monitors, this machine sounds kickass
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    since i love laptops so much, i wonder when apple will go mobile with the processor

    amd already has their athlon64 in a working pc laptop, so i hope apple has their powerbook g5 soon

    that being said, i know i will be very excited when i see the new g5 desktop:)
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    well amd has a prototype athlon64 in a laptop. and in all likelyhood apple probably has a g5 in a prototype powerbook.

    i think they are all in the same boat
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    Yeah, nice. Definitely gonna grow on some people. The back seems a little PC-like, but probably because they've had that crappy-looking galvanized stuff or whatever for the backplate for a while.
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    Thanks for the little review! The Powermac G5 sounds more and more beastly (in the good sense) as weeks go by :)

    The fan cooling system sounds like it will prove to be another great Apple 'mac only' innovation. Although I have slight concerns about the software needed to govern it. Imagine this scenario -
    - Boot up in a different OS (some kind of unix for example)
    - Do some hard processing for 5 minutes
    - Smell that burning PPC 970 and watch the plastic zone divider ooze out through the front grill. Could be quite messy :/

    On a side note... A few others noticed this - "Just been with a G5!" sounds fairly sexual. If you said that here, maybe 90% of the population would think you've slept with it. Only the small percentage of mac users would understand why ;)
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    Ooh, sexy.

    Could've sworn this was already mentioned, but actually it's the opposite. The fans slow down through software. And it's possibly in the firmware. If it's not enabled, the fans will run at full speed, not slower or shut off. They'll be really loud, but really cool. You could take them out, but it would probably void your warranty.
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    Royal Pineapple

    no it wouldent, the powermac line would alow you to take anything out and swap in anything else you can imagine, just as long as you dont open the little boxes with the processers inthem im sure apple wont care, for instince, someone may wanna replace the fans with diffrent fans that are a diff color, or blacklight sensitive, and then toss in a blacklight in your case and run it with just the plastic side pannel and youve got your self a funny looking computer
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    I meant "take them out", as in "no fans" take them out. :D

    Sorry, I should have made a smilie face or something to note sarcasm. :p

    That would void you warranty. But I suppose you could just put them back in. "Uh, it just melted. No, I don't know why".
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    Well, one thing that they warned us about was that the software that controls the Fans is still in development. So they told us that IF in the bootup the G5 sounded like a jet plane, it was due to the software. We all waited in quiet... And the G5 didnt make a single jet noise. The fan system is one thing that will surprise you all! Its really amazing.

    To the sexy comments: Isnt any encounter with a Mac a sensual and "erotic" experience, where you find yourself touching the Mac with tender, whispering that only you understand its beauty, its power? :D Now Imagine that with such a Hardcore Mac as the G5!!! Its a sexy machine!
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    This thread is indeed hardcore – in more ways than one...

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