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Just Bought A 15in 1.5GHz PowerBook G4!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MAC MAN JW, Apr 15, 2012.

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    The Title says it All:D. It does not come with a Hard Drive or a optical drive. The optical drive i don't need as i can use FireWire Target Disc Mode to install OS X Leopard. I do have a 20GB HD in my 12in PowerBook G4 that will work in the 15in PowerBook for now but i want to look for something bigger and may be even a SSD being this will be my main Laptop after i sell My MacBook. What i am going at is what SSD/HDD do you think is best? How much faster will a SSD Be then a HDD in a PowerBook with only ATA-100? I would be looking at HDD's With 120-320GB storage or SSD's with 80-120GB Storage Thanks for your help:) Here is the Link to the PowerBook i Bought http://www.ebay.com/itm/330714890444?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
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    Wow you do love the smilies...
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    This isn't your personal purchasing blog @MAC MAN JW
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    Get a small ssd and give it a try. In my opinion it's not overwhelming but small one are cheap enough
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    I know that, This thread would have not been made if the PowerBook came with a Hard Drive i was hoping some one that put a SSD in there PowerBook can share their experience with us So i don't drop $150+ on a SSD to only find out it make's it boot up only 2 second's faster.

    You should have seen my few first Posts on MacRumors they must have had 8+ smiles in each post:D

    I was thinking that, but even a small ATA-SSD is the same price as a 250GB HDD and i don't do any PhotoShop so i don't need a super fast HDD/SDD i am somewhat now thinking more on buying a HDD Because i like to rip my DVD's in to my computer to watch on the go and a HDD has a lot more GB's for the price.(Will be putting the combo drive from my 12in PowerBook in to the 15in), but do not like how HDD's have moving parts and one bad move and my data may be gone:( If i wear to get a HDD i would get a western digital i just don't know what model Blue or Black? Or a SSD?.
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    You could always get a SATA SSD and purchase an IDE adapter for around $5-10. That'd be your cheapest option to get an SSD.

    SSD (32GB): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227510 $60

    Adapter: http://www.amazon.com/inch-SATA-Drive-MINI-Adapter/dp/B0049D7PCU $5
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    A might fine beast you have in your possession now! :D I actually the same laptop more than my 2011 mac mini, if that says anything.

    So far I have installed Leopard, maxed out ram, then next project on the docket is installing a 250GB sata drive I have from a Toshiba laptop my wife let slip onto the hardwood floor last year.

    I have purchased the adapter and expect it within the next few days. So if I have time this weekend I will throw the new drive in and see how goes. I would expect some rather substantial differences with boot times and programs being I have a stock 5400rpm 80gig drive installed atm.

    Again, congrades on your buy. These PB's are truly sexy beasts that are more than able to do pretty much anything you want to throw at them! If you do go the SSD route? By all means, post your findings, that might be where I go next with this one.

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    This is a great idea! even if i don't get a SSD, a Sata HDD is alot cheaper per GB then a ATA HDD only concern i have is the adapter and HD together may not fit inside the Hard drive bay?. When i get my PowerBook i will take the 20GB HD in my 12in PowerBook and put it in the 15in just to make sure everything work's right and if all goes well i will buy a new HDD or SSD for it:).

    Thanks!:). Please post back after you install it and tell us how the SATA-ATA adapter and SATA HD works:D

    Trust Me! The Toshiba is no loss my sister had to return 3 that had factory defects #1 had a Bad HD,#2 had a bad logic board,#3 The webcam did not work,#4 that we still have now and i use (Some Times) the Wi-fi does not work and the Webcam. She now has a MacBook and loves it:) Even if it was not dropped i bet it would not have lasted long:)
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    Well i got the PowerBook this past Friday and it was not a 1.5GHz like the listing said but was a 1.33GHz, but still had the light up keyboard and the Radeon 9700 so i am still happy with it. Sadley my 12in Powerbook G4 gave its life for the 15in. I known the 12in was in bad shape when i Got it but what i did not know was that the logic board was held in by a rubber band and the power button wires wear only twisted together and there wear only 9 screws in all, add to that the mouse pad,1 usb port,and battery did not work, so it was best as a parts Laptop anyway:( i will be making the back of the LCD in to a Apple Will clock:D The good news is the 15in powerbook now has a superdrive,HD,1.5GB Ram and all the screws are there and it works great!. I am still thinking of getting a SSD but i don't want to use the money i am saving for a MacPro so i think i will just get a fast 250GB HDD someday.
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    If you plan on getting a Mac Pro, I'd wait until after Mountain Lion comes out. Since it's not "officially" supported on the 1,1 Mac Pro, prices will likely drop substantially after it's released. Try and pick up a 2.0GHz 1,1 and buy two 1.86GHz Quad Core processors and do the BSEL mod. That's what I did. I picked up two of those processors for $30 US on eBay. My Geekbench score is around 9200. It's one heck of a deal.
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    That is a good idea!, the earliest i would have got a MacPro would be late june, But 2 days ago i won a Dual 2Ghz G5 with a 250GB HD and 4GB Ram for $100 on ebay so now i have lots of time to look for a MacPro, i may even save up for a new one if the G5 can last me a year or two:D
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    Congrats on the PowerPC purchase. The PowerPC community on MacRumors is great so you're in good hands when it comes to advice/help.
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    Why sell MacBook? MacBook is powerful than PowerBook G4!!
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    To be honest i don't like the plastic MacBook's/iBooks i think they feel cheaply built, i even went as far as trading a 1.33GHz iBook G4 for a SawTooth G4. I Do like the PowerBook G4's and MacBook Pro's because they have better hardware then a iBook/Macbook and it has a aluminum case:). When i get a MacPro i will no longer need a Macbook anyway:D
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    While I sort of agree with that, I do prefer aluminum, but I wouldn't have done that trade. :eek: Unless the Sawtooth had some nice HDDs or aftermarket upgrades. Even then, I sold a 1.33Ghz iBook for $250 last summer on Craigslist within a few days of posting it.
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    I did try Craigslist for 4 days i was asking $75 with original restore disc's and a new battery/charger and there wear no hits, even today there are 4 iBook G4's from 1.33-1.42GHz on Craigslist all are under $200 they have been posted for 2 months and updated weekly. Some one was trying to get rid of the Sawtooth G4 for $100 so i offered him the iBook and he took it, to be honest i have not even turned on the G4 Sawtooth Yet i only seen it working when i picked it up in last October i think it had OS X 10.1 and Has 2 120GB Hd's. i love the sawtooth model it was technically my first mac model but the PSU went so i returned it to were i got it from and they gave me a G3 B&W Tower with more RAM. That was not even the worst trade (value wise) i did Last year i traded my 2010 Dual core Pc with 4GB Ram,320GB HD, ATI Radeon 1GB 4350 Video Card,20in LCD Monitor. All for a gigabit Ethernet g4 and a Digital Audio G4 i don't miss the PC but i do miss the 20in monitor i am now stuck with a 15in Dell LCD as my only flat screen monitor. I guess it was a good learning experience:D
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again..

    It's not always about whats more powerful or "better" it's sometimes about whats right.
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    I know how you feel about plastic case like MacBook and iBook :)
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    I have a PB G4 1.67 DL and a MacBook late 2009, which I bought to replace the PowerBook. Well, I still use primarily the PB as I have never felt in love with the MacBook. I thought I could live without FireWire and I was wrong, with the Mac turned off you cannot tell the battery charge level, to read compact flash you need an external Usb reader, side by side the performance gain is less than impresive. No backlit keyboard.

    It's like comparing a new Wokswagen Golf to a 7 years old Mercedes.
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    Which macbook do you have? But battery level can be determined while it is off by pushing on the battery indicator button on the battery. I agree with the FW800 and backlit keyboard though.

    If not for work that I have to use windows I would not be having a macbook. I still have my PB G4 1.67 DLSD. And still use it from time to time.
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    It is the unibody, late 2009, model,6.1. No battery indicator, the battery is no user replaceable.

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    I thought it was the earlier MacBooks that you have.
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