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Just bought a Galaxy Nexus!!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by sk1wbw, May 5, 2013.

  1. sk1wbw, May 5, 2013
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    I just bought a new, sealed in the box Nexus 4 32 gig from eBay. Only $250. I'm not gonna be able to save up the 650 for a new HTC Dna, so I guess this will be just as good.

    Can NOT wait to get this thing. Even though I am not a fan of Samsung phones, I wanted a Nexus device for Verizon because I didn't want the crapware bloatware with a new phone.

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    congrats, I've always been a fan of the Nexus family, mostly because you get a vanilla version of android and you get the OS first (at least not waiting until Samsung releases it).
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    The box in your picture says 'Galaxy Nexus' and not Nexus 4.:confused:

    Nexus 4 (current Nexus) - made by LG.
    Galaxy Nexus (preceding Nexus) - made by Samsung.
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    My bad, sorry the coffee ain't kicking in yet! :)
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    $250 for a galaxy nexus is a lot you of just got the nexus 4 for $300
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    Except that he has 4 x the internal storage.
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    I'm on Verizon, so that rules out the LG Nexus 4.
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    As far as I know , the Verizon GNex gets its updates from Verizon, not from Google. So you'll still be dependent on Verizon for updates.
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    I saw this post on android central:)
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    250 for the old nexus seems high to me.
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    This is correct. OP, you probably should've done some more reading before buying. You're still a slave to Verizon for updates (of which it's possible there may not be any more for this phone, since it's the older model and Verizon could care less about keeping these up to date). Plus, the price paid was definitely too high.

    Good luck with it, though, and I hope you enjoy it.
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    The Game 161

    Enjoy your phone;)
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    Ugh, maybe it's just me but is that not an unlocked/GSM Galaxy Nexus?
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    In the wrong thread, no less. It was early, I was tired and no coffee...:)
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    No worries! Enjoy your new phone:)
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    Enjoy your new phone.
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    This. I bought an unlocked GSM one last summer for $225, kept it a week, and sold it for $230.

    the VZW ones go for even less
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    new/mint 200 is lowest ive seen
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    What's surprising is "new in the box" Verizon Galaxy nexus. 32gb model.

    Verizon I believe stopped offering 32GB model last year and quietly started selling the 16gb model. This happened around the time they quietly started reducing the galaxy nexus 2 year contract price from $299 down to $199 than down to $99.

    It's a sneaky way Verizon reduced cost by selling u a reduced storage galaxy nexus.

    So very surprised you could find a new in the box 32gb verizon galaxy nexus.

    So they haven't offered the 32GB model for over 7 months. How did eBay person get a new in the box 32 GB model?

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    Looks like my suspicions have almost been confirmed! That is not a Verizon Galaxy Nexus box. It's the GSM/unlocked Galaxy Nexus box. A Verizon Galaxy Nexus comes in a simple white box with some text on the back and the Verizon and Galaxy Nexus or something in white so it's hard to see.
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    In my experience with the Galaxy Nexus (I use to own one) they have a bad problem with image retention.
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    ugh, i picked up a verizon galaxy nexus last summer and got rid of it a month later. worst battery life ever. good luck, op.
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    Seems like this entire thread was a poor attempt at trolling
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    Trolling on whose part?

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