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Just bought a new iPod... I love it.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by stevento, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I love the looks, and it came in a nice box.
    did you know that apple updates the ipod software and you can keep your iPod up to date trhough iTunes?:)
    i love it. the battery life is longer and the screen is brighter than the last iPod i had.
    this is a good apple product....
    i just had an idea.
    what if apple made a bluetooth ipod that could get songs from iTunes over a bluetooth pair...
    the iPhone can probably do that.
    and not to mention they updated the headphone design to stay in my ears better.
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    Congratulations on your new purchase
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    i don't think apple is going to do this in their iphone, not their first one anyway. congrats on your ipod purchase, however. which one did you get?
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    Congrats on your purchase stevento, enjoy your new iPod. :)
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    frankly i think the packaging of the new ipod nano and shuffle is hideous, compared to the previous nano's ,
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    But its what is inside of the packaging that counts. :p :D :)
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    i did not buy my products for the packaging , actually i like the packaging but that is my personal opinion whatever floates our boat right.:)
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    Enjoy your iPod.:) :apple:
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    Congrats on the new iPod.

    I got a new nano about a month ago, and I'm as impressed with it as you apparently are with yours.

    My wife has a Sansa player, and gets envious whenever we stop by some electronics store's accessories aisle. Half the aisle is compatible with the nano. Her player has maybe four available accessories, tops. :D

    That, and she's stuck with Windows Media Player to sync. (Shudder.)

    Bluetooth? I don't know. It's a bit slow for syncing compared to USB, and I don't think I'd want Bluetooth headphones-- they'd have to have a separate power source, and the charge probably wouldn't last nearly as long as the iPod that sends it music. However, on the MacRumors front page right now, there's an article about an Apple patent for wireless transfer of both data and power. Check it out.

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