Tablets Just bought a Nexus 7 32GB,Anybody Else?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by tsd71, Oct 25, 2012.

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    I am an avid Apple person, I've had every iPhone and I have the 5 now.I also have a 64GB iPad 1 that works very well. I contimplated buying the iPad Mini but with the iPhone 5 and the iPad 1 I went out on a limb and just bought a Nexus 7 32GB.

    Anyone else thinking this way?
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    Bought one when they launched the 16GB, totally despised the text input and keyboard, as well as the cheap build and washed out screen.

    Sold it on within weeks.
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    Was going to get the 32gb, but I got a great deal on a used ipad 3.
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    I think price of the 32GB is supposed to drop next week..
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    I own 2 iPad's and pre-ordered a Nexus 7 from Office Depot's website. I should have it on Monday. It's a great deal for $249. :D
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    I think you will get more "aye" if you asked this question in an Android forum... or Apple is really in trouble :)
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    16GB is dropping $50 off the price next week
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    Sure... As soon as it runs iOS apps...
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    Yes I just ordered online from Office Depot $249.00 free shipping.
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    It's rumored that it will be $200 after Monday

    ETA: Nvm i'm confused. maybe your order is the rumored cheaper price? Or was 32GB not even available until now? I thought the announcement was next week.
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    Nope not me. I will be ordering Ipad 4 and selling my ipad 3.
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    Wirelessly posted (iPod Touch)

    They're not supposed to sell the 32gb till Monday. I returned my 16gb N7 a few days ago. Will pick up a 32gb when they go on sale Monday.
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    have had mine for a month and some and am in love with it. That being said I'm still intrigued by the iPad. Not the one with the weak ass specs, but the 4th gen. It's just too big. Especially after barely noticing my N7 in my messenger bag.

    I really wish Apple would've put an A6 in the mini. Oh, well.

    Nexus 7 rox.
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    Yeah it's pretty confusing. Basically the 8GB has been dropped, the 16GB drops to $199 and the 32GB will take the place of the 16GB @ $249. :)
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    I bought and paid for mine today from Office Depot Nexus 7 32GB, I'm supposed to get it Monday free shipping.

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    One thing I really like about the Nexus 7 is Google's version of Siri, it's pretty slick and the no-bloatware is a bonus. :)
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    What exactly is the point of this thread on a Mac website? Why not post that on a google website? What exactly does trolling mean?
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    I waited for the mini event and based on it, decided the Nexus 7 fits my needs better. I will buy it after Monday's annoucement to see if the 16 gb is really replaced by a 32 gb and the price lowered. Eitherway I am buying a 16 gb one. I really wanted the mini to offer just a bit more; I like the camera, but really wanted true off line, no wifi GPS and a better screen for the price.
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    One helpful tip. Iin developer options enable force 2d rendering. This makes some apps that don't have it enabled use it. Makes them a lot smoother. I has yet to come across any that glitch with this setting.
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    This section of the forum is "alternatives to IOS6 and IOS Devices. That's why I posted this here. I want to see if there are other people buying the Nexus instead of the Mini.
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    Yep. The 16 was replaced by the 32. Bought mine at Office Depot yesterday. The 32gb was the same price as the 16gb that I returned last week.
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    That's too bad as the quality is decent and my screen isn't washed out. And the text input and keyboard are pretty much the same as the iPad.

    Odd :rolleyes:

    Perhaps you didn't read the title if this section? :rolleyes:
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    I must admit that I am very tempted, it will certainly be a tough decision for this or the iPad mini. I have never used stock Android and after reading these threads am very intrigued.
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    Objectively the Nexus 7 is the better deal. For the price the iPad Mini could have been so much better. And now that Apple is pumping out new tablets throughout the year, i'll pass for now and wait for when they update the hardware and allow me to justify the price.
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    The Nexus 7 is tempting, but I opted for the more expensive iPad mini, partly for the larger screen but mostly for the ability to run iOS apps. I'm well ingrained in the apple eco-system, but if the mini does disappoint then I'll return it and opt for a nexus

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