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Just Bought A ZAGG Screen Protector And It's Horrible

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by iphone joe, Mar 30, 2011.

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    iphone joe

    Looks and feels horrible! don't waste your money. I want to rip it off and throw it away but the amount I paid for it i'm keeping it on until something better comes along.
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    shoulda searched here first - we knew that...
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    The only reason zagg is in business is because they are the only company that sells their protectors in retail stores. I can't imagine anyone is happy with those orange peel low quality protectors for $40. What a rip off.
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    werd, I've had $3 ebay screen protectors that work better than zagg screens. They're feel terrible and they bubble.
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    they're sticky and nasty. The ones Best Buy had on the demo iPads were sticky with kids dirty fingers and tacky. yuck.
    I always recommended Power Support (for anti-glare feature) in the past, but at $35+ now, I'm making other choices. too much $ for 1 piece of plastic.
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    Return it and get a wrapsol skin they are great. Easy installation and great feel.
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    iphone joe

    You can't return a used screen protector.
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    Yes you can contact customer support and tell them your not satisfied with the product.
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    The splash protectors I'm using are much better than zagg sand much cheaper too.
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    iphone joe

    I didn't order it directly from ZAGG, I bought it from Target.
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    Why is everyone AGAINST the Zagg ones? I have one on mine and it's fine.....wasn't the easiest thing to put on but it went on smooth, no air bubbles and no discoloration as the BSE owners are having.

    Not looking for a flame war just curious why there are so many anti-Zagg's customers out there?
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    FYI. ZAGG probably won't refund it but what they will do is replace it for free (lifetime warranty) with a new one in it's original packaging that you can then resell or take back to Target if you keep the receipt.

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    never occurred to you that they are crap? Yours may work well but in general, against the competition, they are really terrible. But they have a lock on Best Buy chain and and mall kiosks. A few that work for those will come on here and defend them - stay tuned....

    And yes I have owned two - I put one on and thought it was my fault and it was crappy. So I bought another one and it was the same. Go buy a power support and or a steinheil and you'll see what we mean....
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    Because these devices with touch screens are about tactility of which the ZAGG is an inferior product in my experience. I had one on my iPhone 4 for about 2 minutes and got rid of it. Not to mention the ones for the LCD screens on cameras distort the image.

    I am sure there is a good use for them somewhere but not where tactility and optical pathways are concerned. Power Support is far better product, I bet Zagg is out of business in less than 3 years unless they get a better product in their line.
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    Never used Power Support but interested to see one now. As for the tactility, why do you think they are not touch friendly? I've never had any issues on any of my Apple devices with the touch function. Please expand if you would. :)
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    Touch screens do not need a lot of heavy finger pointing if you can pardon the pun, they use a light touch and after awhile, this language of touch and screen can become very intuitive, fast and second nature. ZAGG protectors are not silky smooth and dry like glass or Power Support products are, it is more like a vinyl coating that can be sticky and counterintuitive to that light touch. I also don't think they hold up as well over time in terms of wear / scratching as other products do.

    In short, it just ruins the whole touch screen experience for most people.
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    Makes sense......so the PS feel glass-like? I agree that the Zagg don't have that smooth touch to them but the incentive to them is the warranty they offer. I've replaced 4 of them for free over the last couple years when they started to show the slightest bit of wear and tear. I may have to pick up a PS one to see what you're talking about as I agree the touch aspect isn't as nice with a Zagg protector on. Thanks for the follow info and for not turning this into a flame war. :D
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    I have Zagg full body IS on my iPhone i've been happy but after hearing everything on here about the iPad I just ordered Phantomskinz for my iPad 2.
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    iphone joe


    I don't know what happened but after a few days of being on my iPad the ZAGG actually looks really nice. Maybe it needed to dry and smooth out but I like it. I'm thinking of getting one for my iPhone.
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    Target will take anything back. Just take it off, shove it back in the box and return it.
  21. N23
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    Had Zagg on my iPhone for like a week before ripping it off.

    Although they had great customer service and were located locally,
    I ruined my first set and they replaced it free of charge,
    I just couldn't get use to the tacky feeling.
    It was okay for the back but certainatly not for the screen.

    I'd avoid them on my iPad like the plague.
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    I have no problems with mine. I guess I'm the rare few. Then again, having a family member at Best Buy makes these things even better.

    No problems at all with screen or response time. I like mine. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Yeah, IMHO, Zagg is crap. I've got one on the front of my iPhone 4 but I've never really been happy with it. Been replaced twice already. There is a sticky glitchy surface to it and it looks horrible in the light no matter how clean the surface is. Not to mention horrifically overpriced. I certainly wouldn't buy any Zagg product again. Just my two cents.
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    For the screen, Zagg is my last choice. Really hard to apply. I have applied one perfectly but I really don't like the "Orange Peel" texture. Give it about two days for it to cure and it will look better.

    I stick with stiff plastic type screen overlays like Power Support and SGP or even those cheap no name brands. A whole lot easier to apply, especially using the "Wet" method. AND they are reusable.

    But I have to admit, Zagg for the back is excellent. For some reason the satin finish of the aluminum back makes it a lot easier to apply a Zagg overlay.
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    I completely agree. I have one on my iPhone and when I recently picked up an iPad, I could only find a protector in one of the mall kiosk. It was made decently, but I ended up ordering the Power Support one because its very resistant to fingerprints as well as a good matte finish.

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