Just bought an Airport Extreme for Network

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ISO:HELP, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Trying to get my biggest bang for the buck, so I invested in the AE that mac puts out..

    Yesterday I noticed I had some issues with buffering with some of the movies on my computer... Macbook libary>ATV2..

    Thinking it was this weak router with slow speeds I upgraded...Is there any tips or special settings I should put anything at to get optimal potential?

    Strangely enough when I went to access my mac files via Xbmc I keep getting this network not connected error which I also got yesterday...Now i know it has been talked about on this site for some length, so i will keep continue searching for useful threads...But is there some patch or ad-on that can fix this issue? Should I restart my settings and start from scratch?

    This is very strange, and annoying...

    Also are there any real good threads on connecting my NAS to the AE? This seems like it would be similar setup as to access files from the computer...

    I would just like to say that Everyone here has been so much help on getting this setup for me..I would just like to say thank you very much!

    Also is there a way to stop the buffering from the xbmc adons/ my video files on computer?


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    Is there anything on your network that is attached wirelessly using the B/G standard? Your Mac, AE and your ATV should all be "N" capable, but the whole network slows down to the lower speed of the B/G standard if there is a single device running on the slower band (e.g. an older laptop or a pre-4 iPhone).

    If this is the case, the AE can operate dual bands, one for "N" only and one for anything. They are on different frequencies so there is no crossover, but all devices can see each other even if they are operating on the different bands at different speeds. It's a simple setting in the Airport Utility app.

    Regarding the AE and a NAS, don't forget that the ATV draws content from your iTunes library on whatever Mac/PC to which you have it synced. As you are using a Macbook, in case you were thinking this way, "no", you cannot access media directly from the NAS on the ATV. Whenever the ATV requests a file, iTunes draws it from the NAS to your Mac/PC, and then re-sends it to the ATV. As the ATV2 is streaming only, every time you watch something, it is hitting your network twice.

    Better to have an external drive attached to your Mac/PC via Firewire or USB, as this halves your network traffic when playing media on your ATV. I realise that this may be a pain but, as you already have network load issues, doubling up the load is unlikely to be helpful.
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    I think I'm understanding what you are saying..

    I have the latest macbook running and nothing else running on the network..the network is locked.

    I will try to hook up my HD to the computer and attempt to hook up again..

    Thanks !

    I suppose now my question is how do i figure out if my network is attached with the b/g setting....or the N setting..

    My airport extreme has 2 bands it seems...from the instructions it says one goes at 2.4 G/hz and one @ 5 Ghz.

    I'm not sure how to figure out which is which....
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    The key here is to make sure the Apple TV and the Macbook are both on the "N" (5Hz) network. Make sure the router settings are set to N 5Hz.
  5. ISO:HELP, Feb 21, 2011
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    Thanks for the response everyone...Im sure this thread will help those in the future.

    I beleive that I am running on the 5/2.4 ghz netowork.... but not sure

  6. Dannymonky, Feb 21, 2011
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    First you should update the base station software to 7.5.2.

    Then take a screen shot of your airport drop down menu like attached image. It should say 5Hz at the end of the network name (UNLIKE my image...) Take a screen shot of the wireless tab as well.

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    ok here is the airport tab

    and the dropdown for the airport


    The stronger is the primary one im guessing...Not the guess one..

    for the primary i named it "no longer free"

    and the secondary one is named "ceb3"
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    Ok looks like you have no 5 ghz network at the moment. Its on 2.4 ghz which gets lots of interference from cordless telephones and other crap.

    Under the wireless tab you should see radio mode. Select 5Ghz only. Make sure 5ghz is at the end of the network you choose for the Macbook and the apple tv2. See pic below.

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    ok here is what I get



    My settings sadly don't say the 2.4/5ghz settings in () next to the numbers..


    I can tell im close..

    Another observation is the buffering I'm experiencing is only with m4V HD
    thats 2.87 GB long..

    My other avi/mp4's files are wokring fine with good blueray quality..

    real weird....
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    Sorry--Hold the option key down when you click on radio tab. You should see 5ghz only now. I hope...

    Now I'm assuming all devices in house will use the N only 5ghz network. Let me know if u have other a/b/g devices (iphone 3gs or older laptop/desktop.)
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    WOW that option key really perked things up a bit!

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    You should select any of the 5 ghz ones on the bottom. Then in the airport menu double check that 5ghz is at the end of the network name in the dropdown menu. Now make sure both the macbook and the ATV2 are on 5ghz. Hopefully this solves your issues.:D
  13. ISO:HELP, Feb 21, 2011
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    Like this?

    I set it to one of the GHZ and then updated...

    now it get this

    How do I check that my ATV2/macbook are both on the same GHZ
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    First check the drop down menu next to date and time. It should say--no longer free (5GHZ)--- make sure you select that one on the macbook. On the ATV2 go to settings and look for network. Select the same-- no longer free (5GHZ) ---and you should be golden.

    Dont mind my editing job but should look like pic below....

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    I think I did but it on the right pass now cause I have this

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    That option key comes in handy doesnt it? You got it now. Theres a check box somewhere in the airport settings that says 5ghz ONLY. Not essential but thats how you get the (5GHZ)to show up in airport menu. You should be good to go now. Dont forget to change the ATV2 to the 5ghz network.
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    How to I change the ATV2 to the 5ghz network?

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    Im not in front of mine but i think its under settings - general- network-and select the network name and put in password.
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    I just went to my settings>general>selected "no longer free" put in password and done...

    is that it?

    Just want to say thanks a ton for the help..Things are looking better!
    I promise to try to help the next one in line if I ever can..
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    That should be it. Glad I could help!

    PS- I'm looking into the network error u get in XBMC. I had major issues til I found a post I'm looking for now. Check back later...
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    I had those errors this morning..

    its a temp fix on it but you need to change the name of your workgroup..enter it...and then change it back to the name you had before..

    it will solve network issues for a while..

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