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Just bought Macbook air, battery indicating: replace now

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gaiao, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Hello guys, I just bought my macbook air from BestBuy, and The Battery Icon is indicating: replace now.

    Is it normal? or I got a flawed laptop?

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    Yeah take it back with out a doubt.
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    I'm taking it back, it's like it doesn't have a battery. If I take it out of power it doesn't work.
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    Return it.

    That is not normal.
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    wow yeah that is really serious, take it back right away.
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    It's normal for a laptop that has been used on the road for years. If you were sold a new laptop, then either something is badly wrong with the laptop, or it isn't new :mad: Either way, totally unacceptable.
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    Could you explain how the need to replace a battery on a brand new laptop could be normal?
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    You shouldnt even ask us -_- Its either a used or refurbished laptop with an old battery or damaged, return it without thinking even once about it..
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    Batteries naturally discharge over time. If it sat in the store for X amount of years, the battery could just be toast. When lithium-ion batteries discharge to too low of voltage, they become irrecoverable.

    Just like if you left your old iPod in the dresser drawer for years, and then when you discovered it, tried to charge it and it no longer holds a charge. Same concept.

    Bring it back!
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    None of which apply to a new Macbook Air.
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    I just tried to turn the macbook air now and it's everything fine! The battery is normal and fully charged.... I don't know what happened yesterday... Maybe a bug on the system?
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    Did you have a party yesterday?
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    Demand for a replacement. That's it.

    Unless you're filthy stinking rich and won't mind burning $200 over some new batteries.
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    Now you see how smart macs are...It's telling you to take it back :D

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