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Just bought my first Mac

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by Dub, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Dub
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    I've been fed up with PCs for ages now until the final straw which came last week when the power management software just randomly 'dissappeared' from my IBM laptop (I have no idea how, I didn't do anything) and it took me about 2 hours to uninstall, then install, then uninstall, then install the various things that were needed to fix the problem.

    I have been tempted by a Mac for a long time but I never had the nerve to take the plunge and abandon the PC (sounds silly I know but it was a big thing for me). Anyway I finally went out and bought my first Mac, it is an eMac 1GHz Combo.

    Things I like:
    1) The sleep mode - now it takes literally 10s to "quickly check my email" instead of the 5mins I needed to startup my PC! (Is it safe/ok to put the Mac in sleep mode overnight, everynight?)
    2) The keyboard.
    3) No more Windows security/privacy issues.
    4) The general look and feel of everything.

    Things I don't like:
    1) The mouse "what's that...it looks like a bar of soap" said my sister! I plugged in my PC mouse so I can now wheel up and down websites happily.
    2) This is the slowest computer I've used in years. It can't keep up with my typing, extra Safari windows take ages to open (I'm used to having 4 or 5 IE windows open at one time on the PC). My PC was only a Celeron 1.2GHz but my eMac feels about 1/3 of the speed. :(

    I'm hoping it's all down to the fact that I only have the standard 128MB RAM in. Am I right in thinking that 128 is the bare minimum for Panther and the extra 256 I have coming tomorrow will make a big difference? I hope so cos I like my eMac a lot and I don't want to have to take him back for being too slow to do wordprocessing.
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    More RAM will make a HUGE difference in how your Mac operates. When I switched last year I was very bummed out at the pokey pace of my 17" iMac, and it had 256 already. Adding a 512 chip (for a total of 768) makes everything just peachy.

    If/when you can afford it, I'd even suggest adding more than the 256 chip to your eMac. The difference in performance is startling.

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    yeah once you bump up the ram you will notice things will seem a lot quicker. that being said, there is a lag when typing that has been around the first version of os 10, there was a thread about it just recently.

    i say to run osx you need at least 256 and 512 would be great, any more than a gig would be overkill unless ur doing graphics and such
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    Dont Hurt Me

    you really need more ram like everyone says, it will smooth out everything you do. congrats its the best value they make, good size screen no dead pixels good speakers great software a very good choice. try to add a 512 if you can.
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    Ugh...its not even about affording.

    128 isn't enough even on the PC side, unless you're still running Win95!

    Get that RAM now for the instant gratification (seriously)...the page file (if that's how OSX handles it) but be getting used like crazy.
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    James Craner

    Don't buy your extra RAM from Apple as it is very expensive, buy fromhttp://www.crucial.com/uk/store/listProductLine.asp?cat=RAM&mfr=Apple&submit=Go

    Much cheaper
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    Re: Just bought my first Mac

    Its the ram, thats why it takes so long to open new windows, because the computer has to write the data to the disk to free up memory, and then read from the disk to open a new window...more ram even just another 256 will make a big difference, after 512 though, the more you add the less you notice...512 is probably the sweet spot unless your doing photoshop and DVDs and stuff.
  8. Dub
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    Thanks for all the advice, it's nice to have a community forum like this. I don't think I ever saw anything like it for the PC (except maybe for overclocking).

    My extra RAM should be coming today (from Crucial) so I'll let you know how it goes. The lady in the Applestore said that I need to use Apple approved RAM or it would invalidate my warranty, but I can't find a list of approved RAM on the website. Is Crucial ok?

    From what I've read I'm fairly confident/hopeful that the extra 256 will speed things up a lot. I might get another 256 next month then depending on how it goes. The more I use this computer, the more I like it! I just can't stop grinning when it goes from sleep to browsing the internet in about 3 seconds!
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    I have a eMac, and upgrading from 128 to 640, was like going from a kart to a race car, big big difference, i too made the switch 3 months ago after being a PC user since 1985, why o why did i not switch sooner, congrats
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Hope this isnt to late but dont finger the ram hold it by its edges and make sure to ground yourself by touching the metal chasis.( static precautions) I never hear this but we allways hear of people adding ram that didnt use static precautions and then wonder why the computer is doing crazy things after putting in ram. Crucial ram will be just fine. enjoy
  11. Dub
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    Well the good news is the extra memory is here and I put it in and everything went well. My eMac is a lot faster now so I'm happy!

    I opened up everything I'm likely to use on a daily basis ie Safari (with 4 windows), mail, calendar, address book, itunes, and appleworks and I still have about 30MB free so it looks like 384MB is 'enough'. Everything feels a lot faster. I will probably swap the 128MB stick for a 512MB one to give me 768, when the price comes down.
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    Re: Just bought my first Mac

    Not a problem and better for the thing in the long run as the start up is very hard on computers. The fewer times the better, but on the flip side I would shut down once a week minimum probably just to give it a rest and to restart everything from scratch. Mine seems to run better right after start up and I seem to start having problems with things after a week or two of continuous running.

    As far as speed goes, yes, more memory should bump you considerable. If that dosn't work I am sure others have ideas. Also, learn to repair permissions using disk first aid and do it once or twice a month minimum(others might know the best timing of this.)

    Do you know how to force quit a program without having to restart the computer. If not, look into it. I have only had to restart my computer out of crashing necessity once since last Sept. when i got it.

    Good luck and welcome to the world of Mac!
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    Yeah, i was suprised how great this fourm is. I have posted many questions and they are usually answered within minutes. You can subscribe to threads to notify you when a new post has posted, etc too!
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    As everybody already said. You need more RAM. But I like to add that even 256MB seems really the minimum, if you can return your 128MB and get 512MB instead. With 640MB your eMac will be a new machine. Beside that - congrats to your purchase. :D

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