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Just Bought New MacBook Air 1.6 120 at BB for $909

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Gov98, Aug 27, 2009.

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    My wife and I were down at Best Buy today, and they had the 543LL MacBook Air for $909 on clearance, not open box, not refurbished, but New.

    We've been in the market for something like a Netbook, and we think this will do the trick, does anyone have any thoughts? It seemed like a good price so we jumped at it.
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    Sounds like a great deal to me! I would sacrifice the speed of the new one for that good of a deal!
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    That is quite a deal. May I ask which Best Buy? Would love to find the air at that price.
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    It was in the Victor Valley in California. They were selling it on clearance and was pretty shocked at the price actually.
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    you'll love it! Enjoy!!
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    That's a great price and terrific deal!

    I hope you enjoy it for years to come. :)
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    Remember how I said I was with my wife? I'm sure what you meant to say was "I hope your wife will enjoy it for years to come."

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    Price is available in Ohio

    Gov98 got me motivated to see if Best Buy had any at the $909 price locally. I am happy to report they do. My suggestion: call asking for the model number listed in Gov98's original thread to avoid confusion with the employee taking the call.

    I talked with a lovely associate, Emily, who was able to tell me the stock at the stores nearby. 3 out of 4 stores had a least one available ($909, $910 and $1,120.)

    Best Buy only carries one Air model. No SSD's on offer. :(
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    Just want to let you all know I also just purchased a MBA for $909.00 brand new at BB. This is the Rev B model.

    Fingers crossed I have no issues with it. Thanks for the heads up Gov98!!!
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    why didnt you put some extra money down and get the 13 inch mbp? What are other thoughts MBA $900 or 13 inch pro $1200-$1500? Which would you buy and why?
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    funny you should say that. i actually just returned a 13" mbp a few days ago. i had a big problem getting beach balls that would last for 30 seconds a few times every hour. this is a problem affecting other 13" mbp owners and if you want the full story, you can find it if you search under my other posts. the problem is also discussed on apple's discussion boards.

    but, that certainly does not mean you'd have the same problem too. truth is the 13" mbp is a great computer (if you have no issues with it). for me personally, i decided i won't be using my laptop for anything more than basic use (web, email, itunes, movies, word). with that established, i wanted something super light and the easiest thing to carry around when i leave my home. also, i believe the current line of mbp's are more glossy than the macbook air because it has an edge to edge piece of glass as a display. there is also another post on mac rumors where a mba owner has photo proof that the mba's are less prone to glare. i'll report back after i use my new mba a bit to see if that is indeed true.
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    i am really sad because i bought a new air from bestbuy for 1400 15 days before I read your post. The nearest one was 1 hour away but almost worth it to save 500. Oh well. Can't do anything about it now.
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    there is no guarantee that your nearest BB would have the Rev B in stock or even at such a low price. if you call them and they do, you could always sell the mba you bought on craigslist and then pick up the cheaper Rev B, if you can find it for cheap.
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    why didnt you put some extra money down and get the 13 inch mbp? What are other thoughts MBA $900 or 13 inch pro $1200-$1500? Which would you buy and why?

    Pretty much same reason that blair.harrington mentioned...we are mainly interested in using it for very easy portability with surfing.

    Additionally, and I don't mean to step on any toes, but the MBA at $909 is a fair price, but I do find a lot of Apple products on the more high on the price/product ratio.
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    Well you is also plural to mean you and you're wife, but if you don't want to enjoy it, that's fine, I understand :D
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    Heh, I've definately had my share of using it, it's an awesome computer.
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    Thanks for the idea but I am a college student and I don't have enough cash or credit to buy the other one unless I sold this one. I don't want to take the chance that I sell it on craigslist and then they don't have it at BB anymore. I'll just stick with what I have.
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    I mainly joined just to post in this thread, did you just call and ask if they had it for $909 and if they'd honor the price?
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    Go to the BB website, find the Rev B MBA listed. Copy down the SKU number, then call your nearest BB, ask if they have that model in stock, and if they say yes, ask how much it is. If it's higher than $909, ask them what other nearby BB have that same model in stock. They should also be able to tell you how much it retails at the other stores. If you find it somewhere for $909, call the store to make sure they still have one in stock, then ask them to put it on hold for you under your name. Good luck.
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    store info

    my local BB has it for $1399. they will match the $909 if I can tell them the other specific BB stores that sold it for $909. So, can you please tell me the BB store locations that sold it for $909 so the salesman can confirm. Thank you in advance.
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    apple valley, ca had it for $909 so my local store matched it. thanks for the heads-up!!!
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    Apple Care for MBA from BB

    Just a heads up to the people who got their Air's recently from BB (REV B).

    Went to have my MBA looked at by a Genius at a Apple retail location because a sound had me worried. Told him I bought my MBA new from BB. He looked up my serial code and informed me that I do not have a full year to get AppleCare. When you purchase new Macs from retailers outside the Apple retail or online store, your 1 year warranty begins from when the retail bought the Mac from Apple, not your purchase. So my MBA is under warranty until late March. Around that time I'll be purchasing AppleCare.

    Just a heads up.
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    I don't doubt a bit that that's what you were told...I do tend to doubt that that's legal or correct, now my interest is peaked, that does not seem remotely proper as my understanding is that Best Buy is approved retailer. Could Dyson vacuums really only cover a vacuum for one year and start that running when the vacuum is bought by BB?
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    Just a heads up, you can get it at some places for just 849. It takes some searching but they're available.

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