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just calibrated my 11" air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by desistyle, Jan 10, 2011.

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    I just calibrated my air using Apple's instructions here:

    Previously my full charge capacity showed 4520mah, but after calibration it's showing 4375mah! What caused the drop? Should I be concerned? I thought that calibrating the battery would increase the full charge capacity. FYI: I've had about 30 cycles on the battery so far (in about 2 months I think)..
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    Calibrating (as the name indicates) calibrates the sensor that reads the battery's capacity

    It doesn't magically make your battery better, it makes it more accurate at reporting how many mAh are left so you get accurate time/percentage remaining. Sometimes it _seems_ to increase the battery's rating, simply because the sensor was out of whack and calibrating fixed it.

    But it never physically increases it, just increases the accuracy of the sensor.
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    Is coconut battery the programme to use on the airs or is there something else out there?
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    Coconut battery just presents to you the same info you can get in System Profiler, and allows you to save the information with the date so you can refer to it later.

    Why would there be a different need on a Macbook Air compared to other Macs, I don'T know :)

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