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Just cancel my AppleTV preorder ><

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aaronchow, Sep 7, 2010.

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    My wife found out that I'd reordered the AppleTV without telling her, so now I just cancelled it. Ouch. You guys please have fun without me... -_-'
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    yes we will be having so much fun with our $99 devices that our wives approved the purchase of.
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    ^ Nice.

    Good thing he didn't buy a car without telling her if she got pissed at a $99 purchase! That sucks man. I've had bar tabs over $99!
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    Does your wife miss your balls? :p

    I kid I kid, maybe she'll let you order one later .... :cool: Why can't you have one though?
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    Chip NoVaMac

    OUCH!!!! :eek:

    Maybe he was spoiling her Christmas surprise for him :)
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    Cancelled mine - decided to not have to get a new LCD panel if I used it in my bedroom, or have to re-wire my home theater if I use it downstairs, (I use component).

    I'll just have to wait until the old one is available refurb (my old one burned out months ago).
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    Don't forget about the pack of gum you bought which pissed your wife off!
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    That's too bad. I told my wife about the :apple:TV and she told me to order it immediately. :D
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    The old Apple TV with 160GB HDD is now listed on the clearance section for $149.00.
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    After those run out, they'll have the refurbs back on, probably for about $119... ;)

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