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Just curious about what other "designers' think

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by lindsayanng, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I have had a fairly successful blog about web design in which I am also including more and more content about the actual DESIGN aspect of creating websites. Its a section that I am just starting to "flesh out" on the blog.. but none-the-less, I am interested in your thoughts and opinions..

    First.. is there any reason to join a forum that is strictly based on web DESIGN.. now, this would include help on coding, layouts, e-commerce designs, blogs, and of coarse - things like photoshop, illustrator, corel, etc.. All of those things will have their own category for support.

    I basically have created the forum which is attached to my blog, but i'm trying to see what the actual interest is.. Of coarse, we all know that startinga forum is like a catch 22.. you need members to get more members.. No one goes to a forum where there is 1 post in each category..

    Anyways.. I'd just like thoughts on the layout, options, categories.. And also.. some thoughts on actually getting people to go there. I am right now offering $10 per post to web design experts and graphic design experts who write for the my blog.. but for the forum.. I can't think of anything to offer except maybe free advertising space on my blog for every person that refers another person..

    ANYWAYS>. any insight, again, is greatly appreciated!!!!
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    I know.. I overuse it. But i am trying to stop. Sorry..
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    Got a link to you're blog?

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