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Just dropped my PowerBook on a tiled floor

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by j26, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. j26
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    It was connected to the phone line and I tripped over the cable.

    Luckly there is no major damage, just a couple of scratches.

    What I need ot know is, do I have to do any tests to see if it is ok, or can I just trust that it is working, since I managed to get back on the internet?
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    Make sure your RAM and airport card (if there is one) are still tightly in their slots.

    Be glad you plugged into a powerbook instead of plugging your line into a $2,000 vase.
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    Run Disk Utility and make sure you still have SMART status verified on your harddrive.
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    if you had got applecare, run the hardware test cd that came with it and that will check everything.
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    Sorry to hear about your accident. Make sure RAM and your airport card (as posted above) are installed/seated properly. Just be glad your 'book did not suffer more severe damage.
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    Yes, running the CD that comes with your AppleCare will perform hardware tests. It's essentially Tech Tools. Sounds good though that you are able to get on the Internet. Good luck. ;)
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    cardiac dave

    My iBook came with a separate HW Test CD... a boot disk

    This is a different program than the one that comes with Applecare right?
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    Apple Care Protection Plan issues TechTool Deluxe which, as mentioned, will run HW Test as will the Software Install and Restore DiskI supplied with the new PB. With the Restore Disk inserted and rebooting with the Option Key held down, the menu for Hardware Test will show from the Disk.
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    Is your tiled floor ok?
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    Dang it, Lacero beat me to it lol.

    Sorry to hear about the little trip. Probably scared the hell out of you. I mean, that tile's gotta be expensive. Just kidding, probably did scare you about the PB. I know I would freak out if I dropped my iBook. Apple's laptops are tough though. Hope everythings well and ok.

    Good luck.
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    I broke my ethernet port and later the HD failed. Watch the HD.

    If you have to replace it, read here.

    The local Apple guys were supprised. And so was I, no logic board damage. These things are tanks.
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    I'll buy it for $300 :) .. hehe...

    Do some hardware tests.. and see if they all check out ok
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    use the apple hardware disk utility. i use it all the time. works perfect

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