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Just got a G5! Suggestions?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by aggiebas09, Sep 2, 2008.

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    So I recently got a G5 (dual 2.0ghz powerpc processors) and it's awesome! I never owned a Mac before and I have to say I'm loving every bit of it. The machine runs great and I haven't run into any problems at all. I just recently installed OS X 10.5.4 Leopard too.

    But I'm doubting how long I'd be able to actually use this machine. It's already probably about 4 years old from what research I've done and since Apple has switched over to Intel processors I'm concerned about compatibility down the line (Spore already doesn't run on PowerPC's :( ). So is there a way to keep this machine from becoming outdated and left in the dust?
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    i don't think there's really much you can do.

    use it while you can.:D
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    Macs last considerably longer than peecees, so don't worry about it and just use it 'till it dies :p Don't bother looking for cpu upgrades as they don't exist.
    Just stuff it full of ram and big, fast HDD's and be happy !

    My QS is way older than your G5 and still does everything I need it to do. Granted it may not be as fast as some newer machines, but stability & reliability are WAY more important, at least to me anyways!

    As you are obviously aware of already, games never have been a high priority for macs........some thought that would change drastically with the switch to intel processors, but I still have my doubts :eek:
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    If you're looking at game compatibility, then, unlike what the previous poster said, no amount of RAM is going to help. Like the PC world, if you want to run games well, you have to stay current. As you've already seen you won't be able to run SPORE, because if memory serves me, SPORE isn't really being portedto the Mac, it's being wrapped in Cider. Basically it's still a PC game, that's the reason for requiring an Intel machine.
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    why did you buy it in the first place again?

    If you wanted a gaming machine why did you buy a mac?
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    As the others said above, if you bought this computer as a workhorse -- as a server, as a graphic design computer, etc, you're probably fine for a few more years, although it's going to get long in the tooth by ... 2010 or 2011 (my guess). By then it's fairly likely even Adobe CS will require Intel processors, and these computers will all be 6-8 years old and few will still be in use. But in the mean time, with a healthy amount of memory, it'll be fine.

    If you bought it for general purpose desktop computing, it'll likewise be fine (although you may want to go static and stop updating everything -- like don't go farther than Leopard and use Office 04 or 08 but don't upgrade unnecessarily from there). It's kind of overkill and you're putting a lot of CO2 in the air running a computer that big to do desktop work when a computer that consumed 1/4 as much electrical power could do the work just fine, but meh, I guess people do it all the time.

    And if you bought it for games, sorry, but you just really didn't do your research at all.
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    I agree.

    It's a terrible waste of a damn good machine to be using it as a server. If you're using it to do 'stuff' like Photoshop etc it'll be fine. I know people that are still using G4s to pump out amazing work and earning loadsa dosh.

    people get hung up on having the latest gear. I know a video editor who still uses Mac OS 10.2 and a G4 because that's all he needs on his work machine to produce his work
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    Sorry I forgot to say that I didn't buy it. I have a family member that no longer wanted it and gave it to my grandfather who then gave it to me. I don't plan on doing any gaming on my G5. I'll mostly be doing recording, web design, etc (what macs are known for). I'm only just concerned about later versions of software like Photoshop, Cubase, Reason, etc. and if they'll be able to be used on PowerPC processors.

    so yeah a G5 for free is pretty nice :). the only money im putting into it is stuff like Leopard, more RAM, and stuff like that.
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    ah good stuff

    a free mac G5 is always nice :)

    In that case you can use it for anything and not have to justify the cost to anyone. Use it as your home desktop, safe in the knowledge that you can safely do anything intensive on it for a good few years to come yet. All the major software companies (Microsoft, Adobe, Apple etc) will continue to support the Power PC chip for a good 4/5 years or so yet.

    Once the G5 starts to become 'out of date' (long way away yet) you can strip it out and build a really sweet PC/Server with that gorgeous case.
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    How much memory do you have in the G5 right now? DDR PC3200 has come down quite a bit in cost so if you have less than 2 GB of RAM, seriously think about getting some more.

    I had 4GB of RAM in my own Dual 2.0GHz PowerMac G5 before I sold it off; did a fair amount of graphics and audio/video work without running into pageouts very often.
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    I have 1GB right now but I want to add more. Where RAM would you suggest and where would you advise I get it from?
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    Sorry, but I don't think so. They're already dropping PPC support for some apps. The Power Mac G5s are nice machines, but don't kid yourself about future software support. Obviously, if you don't need to upgrade any software then no worries :)
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    shop around for the best prices AND A lifetime warranty with a no-cost, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED next day replacement policy.

    But wherever you get it, start by using one of the many configurators out there to be sure you get the right stuff :p

    Personally, I recommend www.datamem.com and www.macsales.com. 2 of THE best online vendors out there.......I have bought boatloads of memory from them both over the years and neveranottaproblemo :eek:
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    I have a dual core 2.0 G5 that's great. Stuff as much RAM as you can afford in it, and you'll be loving it for a good few years. I just recently upped my RAM to 8 gigs, and it rocks.
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    I'd have to agree with this. They're great machines, but they won't continue support for another five years.... threeish years after PPC was discontinued.

    They supported 68K for a while, but not eight years.... or even close. Lol, I guess UB is the equivalent of FAT.

    Still though, CS4 will support PPC, so not much to worry about for a while.
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    I suggest upping the RAM if you can afford it and picking up some decent drives (since the drives will be compatible with newer machines, go as large as you wish). For everything you are talking about here, the G5 will work perfectly well.

    Later versions of those brands likely won't be compatible, as OSX 10.6 won't be PPC compatible. But you don't need to stay current with any of them; I work professionally and still use CS2, in fact I have clients who ask me to save to older versions, and I do professional recording on a G3 in OS9; the bells and whistles change in the newer versions, but if you know what you're doing, what is available now will last you for 5 or more years...
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    i don't know about adobe, but steinberg and propellerheads seem pretty committed to supporting as much legacy hardware as they can. prop.heads in particular seems like the type of company that does a great job of offering legacy support.
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    Awesome! That's exactly what I wanted to hear lol. I just bought 2GB worth of ram to up it to 3GB right now and maybe some more later if i end up needing it.

    That sounds great. All I have to do is be able to afford Reason =/ lol
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    Put as much as you can in it. It makes a huge difference.
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    Lord Zedd

    G5 was outdated and left in the dust two years ago when the MacPro was released.
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    Oh OK, so now they just don't work for some reason? :rolleyes:
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    Hey if it was free thats hard to beat, add RAM & use that baby !
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    by ram now

    i would say get it up to 4GB(on a g5 y not)
    u will be good to go

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