just got a iBook...slow

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Dsr1205, Mar 7, 2008.

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    hey i got a iBook and reinstalled the software and replaced the HD to something slightly newer. I did a hardware test and everything is working, just the battery is crap but i don't wanna buy for 100. im ok with ti being plugged in all the time im just wondering, any way to speed it up? i was windering about leopard. i hear it doesnt run well. thanks
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    More memory.

    Only Run Tiger.

    The Machine is old, therefore slow.

    Wiping the HD might help.

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    Upgrade to more RAM or downgrade to an older OS X version.
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    Yeah i think ill stay on tiger, maybe get a gig in there making it 1.25. im trying to install firefox right now and it wount mount...any help there?
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    I run Leopard on my G4 iBook with 1.5GB RAM and it's just fine. I also suggest maxing out your RAM. As far as batteries, I bought a new non-Apple branded one from e*ay for about $40... Hope that helps.
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    how did u install 1.5 gb of ram?
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    Later revisions of the iBook G4 had 512 MB soldered to the Logic Board, and one slot open. You could put a 1GB stick in the slot. Viola, 512MB + 1GB=1.5GB!

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