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Just got a PowerBook Pismo!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TSE, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. TSE
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    Just purchased a PowerBook Pismo with 400mhz G3, 1gb of RAM, DVD Drive, Airport Card, and a 20GB HD for $80!

    Good deal? Bad deal?

    Tell me some sweet Mac OS 9 Apps/Games I should download on it! Recommendations welcome!
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    $80 isa bit steep for a Pismo...

    But congrats on your new Mac! You could use classilla as your browser, as it's the only modern one for Mac OS 9.
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    Oh! I love DGen, which can enable you to play "ROMs" on OS9. And here's a link to something amazing for the PowerBook:


    For OS 9, there are themes, which I love that they included in OS 9. http://resexcellence.com/ is a good place to find them. And also, there is Kaleidoscope, which is an extension with various OS 9 themes. You can find Kaleidoscope at:


    The guy above me is right about that, by the way.
  4. TSE
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    Right about what?
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    Congrats on the buy. If I were you, I'd probably put Tiger on it alongside OS 9 so you can utilize TenFourFox as your browser. My Clamshell (see my signature) runs Tiger surprisingly well and you have almost double the RAM and a higher resolution screen.
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    Woah - blast from the bast, I'd forgotten all about that site. :p

    Those Pismos are really nice I've heard, rock solid and had some nice upgrade options IIRC. I don't know about price, I haven't bought an older Mac in a long time. I remember paying $160 for a clamshell 300 MHz iBook G3 nearly 5 years ago and thought that was a good deal (Also paid $375 for an 800 MHz iBook G3 some time after), I guess prices have dropped. ;)

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