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Just got a PS2 for 30 bucks. Now I need advice

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by bobber205, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Yeah. It came with Ratchet and Clank, some dumb ATV game, the network adapter, and two controllers. for 30 bucks.

    So now I need to know how I can set it up in my room using a VGA CRT monitor.

    Advice appreciated!
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    They used to make VGA Boxes for the Dreamcast, but I don't know if something similar is available for the PS2.
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    I just got one today for 40...could I gotten it for less, but some kid was looking at it, so I went for a quick buy, and gave him the price. I got GTA and Bully..only one controller...I'm off today to pick up some games.

    I also got 2 working intellivisions! And tons of games for them for 15(plus a NES Zapper and 3 NES games)

    Got to love yard sales! Also found a family who is selling some Sega systems next week...needless to say I'll be going back to get them(the lady said he son had 3!! I'm hoping for a Master System..and maybe some weird add ons...or Saturn for NiGHTS..but anything Sega would be nice!)
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    Lol. What a nice coincidence. :D

    I just need to get something I can play it on. :rolleyes:
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    I'd love a cheap PS2. They're going for £90 here second hand ($180 to you folks). Which is grossly over what they're worth. Plus when the laser goes I won't feel as bad if I spent a tiny amount.
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    am i the only person who bought a ps2 when they came out? :p
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    I bought mine last April, wasted a ton of money, used it for 2 months, and its been sitting there since. :)
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    I got one the week they came out. With the whole 'won't read blue dics/dvds' crap. :(
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    EyeTV Hybrid?
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    I got one when MGS2 came out (was it launch? I can't remember) but I didn't like the game or anything already out or coming out. So I sold it and only lost a few quid.
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    Ok. I think I may have found a relatively free solution.

    We have one of those old G3's. The ones before the iMacs that had every input known to man? :D It has the yellow,white,red both IN and OUT, and what looks and is labled S-Video IN and OUT. (do they have different plugins for in and out)?

    Pics are what the back looks like. I know they're a little blurry. my question is how do I use this to hook up the ps2 to? :)

    Thanks for any help.


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    Wow, was that an add on I wonder... don't remember G3's coming with those ports.

    I guess if you have input ports, go ahead an give it a try. The yellow is a composite video port, the red/white are stereo audio ports. Then S-Video. The PS2 normally comes with a composite video cable with audio (Yellow Red White). You're PS2 came with that cable, right?
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    Some kind of video editing program that can use those ports.

    iMovie might be worth a shot.

    I wonder if Mac OS X even recognizes those ports. Those same ports are on some video cards, but I don't know what program they require to get actual video on your screen.

    I was going to say you need a video upscaler of some kind if you wanted hook up your PS2 via VGA. I have a NextVision N6 on my desk that I use for all of my consoles hooked up to my Samsung LCD.
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    I don't have imovie for OS X. Does vlc support it? Any ideas?
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    Well it works. :D

    I used the old "Apple Video Player" for OS 9 and as soon as I plugged it in, the video came up. lol!

    But I don't have any sound, which sucks. Any suggestions why the red and whites aren't working?
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    Got the sound working. Turns out you have to go the control panel, make sure nothing is using the source, and select RCA Stereo/Sound.

    Boom! It's working. Go Apple! :D

    Wtf does this computer have all this awesome inputs/outputs? This computer must have been uber expensive back in the day (we got it for 25 dollars)
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    Man, that is just awesome.
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    Yeah. The video quality is pretty good too. :D

    I never expected this to work but hey! Good luck huh?
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    My beige G3 certainly didn't have all those inputs, but I think that I recall an optional add-on (ie. not third-party).

    Now, can someone figure out a way to use my PS2 on my MBP screen? :p

    As a side note, a friend was around this weekend and he has an LCD attached to his PS2. It also has internal speakers. If I recall correctly, it's from a company called Joytech.
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    It's quite easy. El Gato products... The cheapest one of their products that you can use is the EyeTV Hybrid, but there's also EyeTV 250.
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    $450 for an EyeTV?! Forget it. (That's for the 250, I can't find the Hybrid in NZ).
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    I have a Kworld 1440 VGA box for this.

    Got it from Newegg for 65 bucks. Has composite, S-Video, and Component, and the quality is excellent. It also works as a TV tuner.

    It works great on my 800x600 27" Gateway Destination computer monitor that has no other inputs other than VGA (Those cheeky bastards)

    That Xploder cord is junk. You need the expensive $40 dollar software to make it work, and it doesnt work with all the games.
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    Last time I tried doing something like this I used my ATI AIW composite hookup to play my PS2 (i actually had 2 of them the week they came out...the day they came out I got the one and the other came after...long story). Anyway it worked but it 'shook'. The screen was shaking enough to give me a headache so that ended that and I got a tv (which was smaller then my 22" monitor at the time *sigh*.)

    Glad it's working for you, doesn't sound like you are experiencing 'shaking' either.

    ps. nice avatar but Urd > Skuld ...unless your a lolicon maybe hahahaha.:D

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