just got an imac that has gb3

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by downhillpony, Sep 20, 2006.

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    i'm 51 yrs old -with no computer recording experience.so help from you young PC/imac whiz kids would surely be appreciated by this od dinosaur from the 8-track generation !! half of the album i'm working on is on aDAW (yahama aw4416). i see gb3 only has 8 tracks and no sub/vtracks and editng seems limited vs the aw4416. is gb3 just abasic starter kit or isthere compatible software for gb3 that would it as powerfull as a stand alone DAW?my goal is tq get my music out there thru the web which imac and gb3 looks great for . so what software will give me gb3 web interaction capability and superior multitrac recording and editing i don't need loops + samples -my stuff is original ,i play everything the old fashion way with real guitars +drums+keyboards. although not very well !!! thats why i need powerfull editing !!! c'mon guys help out an old "strum n' hum" dinosaur !!!
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    Garageband can do quite a bit. I would recommend finding one of the garageband demo songs. That will show you what it can do.

    Look in Hard Drive>Library>Application Support>Garageband>Garageband demo songs>

    and see if any demos are installed.
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    why are you looking to replace the aw4416 with GB? are you under the impression that you need GB in order to publish mp3's to the web? you don't.
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    Nobody mentioned garageband replacing anything. He wanted to know what software could get him into working with computer audio. Garageband is usually included with macs, and can do quite a bit.

    There's always Logic:


    Or Logic Express, a cheaper 'express' version.

    And most people use a firewire interface to connect equipment digitally to their computer. M-audio, Motu, Alesis, ... there are many companies with good stuff.
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    thanx fqr the info ill try it.by the way being the dinosaur that i am it has taken 5 minutes just to type this -this imac has a built-in mic can it be used for some kind of live chatroom forum to talk to you guys without having to type?
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    just exploring the options....but it would be nice to know if these new softwares...ie;gb3 logic protools----are actually an upgrade or is the old aw4416 just as good. if thats the case id just be wasting " money for nothin'
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    modern DAWs will be a lot more feature-rich, certainly, and you'll have access to numerous plug-in processors and software synthesizers.

    but -- your yahama kit also has hardware, like mic pre's and converters. i don't know if you're thinking along the lines of using the yamaha as a front-end to get things into GB. if so, then it's fair to ask (as you are), "what can i do w/ this new software that i can't with the yamaha?"

    but if you're looking at scrapping the yamaha entirely, then you'll have to spend a good deal of money to get new mic pre's and converters. if you go cheap, i think you'll end up worse off.

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