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Just got an iPad 2 and it has 2 dents?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ronaldcastillo, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I just bought an iPad 2 from Apple Store, and it seems like it has 2 dents on the top right side between the display and back casing.
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    If they're noticeable and bother you then take it back.
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    Take it back?
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    Yeah, just take it back for an exchange or swap.

    Good luck. :)
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    Unusual. It will be presumed that the dents are your doing. Best to check your purchase out before leaving the store.

    Good luck.
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    Not unusual at all. There are many reports on this forum of dings, scratches and dents on brand new out-of-the-box iPad 2s.
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    I hope you've taken it back already.
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    My iPad 1 had a small chip in the casing, but I ignored it, sold it a year later for $400 and got a new iPad 2 with no chips or dents! haha
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    If it bugs you get a new one however you might end up on worse.
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    Just keep it. If you risk a return and exchange, you might end up with a new iPad with 3 dents.
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    thinking defensively & negatively...not a good way to live your life.

    have you guys considered that he might actually get a problem-free replacement? what a mind-blowing concept!
    if it were me, i'd return it for a replacement.

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