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Just got an iPad and need help deciding on a case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ColReb22, Jun 26, 2010.

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    I just got a 32 GB Wifi iPad and was planning on getting an Invisible Shield for it and letting that be the end of it, but I got the I.S. for my iPhone 4 today and really don't like how thick and sticky it makes the screen feel. Now I am back to square one, I've looked at several cases I saw in the threads here but I can't make up my mind.

    I got a neoprene sleeve and a netbook bag that will fit in my back pack for traveling, but I want something that will provide some protection for everyday use (I am kind of OCD and hate scratches). I looked at some portfolio type cases, which would be good for class and it looks like it would be easy enough to take the iPad out of them so I can use the dock I ordered. I looked at the Apple case online and wasn't all that impressed, but if it's as awesome as some of y'all have said in other threads I guess I could give it a try.

    I have also looked at the rubber/plastic types and getting a screen protector of some kind but I am not sure about them.

    On my iPhone 3G and the HTC Hero I had before that I used the OtterBox Commuter series cases and loved them, but it seems too bulky for the iPad. I don't want to add a lot of bulk, especially with a case that isn't easy to take off.

    I know there are a million threads about cases on here but I've only had my iPad for two days so I thought I'd ask for input from people who have actually used theirs and know what works and what doesn't. The closest stores to me that sell iPad accessories are in Memphis (a little over an hour away) so I'll be buying online and won't really be able to play with the cases before I buy.

    As of now these are the two I've seen that I like ok:
    Incipio Kickstand
    M-Edge Trip Jacket

    Any input would be greatly appreciated
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    I cannot comment on the Kickstand, but my wife has the M-Edge.

    The M-Edge is okay for what it is. Even with the elastic band, it has a tendency for the cover to shift and expose some of the screen. Additionally, I like a folio that has a kickstand capability to type on.

    With that being said, I'm not sure how well the Kickstand would do for typing. I did not research it much, but from the picture you attached it doesn't look too versatile.

    hope that helps some.
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    Thanks, that helps a lot because the m-edge was my favorite so far but I want a case that is sturdy and fully protects the screen
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    It is very sturdy and will hold up very well over time. Maybe it is the way she puts it in her bag, but the cover seems to be able to shift easily. And when I said the front is slightly exposed, I should have clarified that it is some of the corner. It sort of twists. If I can get it out of her hands, I will try to take a pic to show you what I mean.

    With that said, I would recommend it.
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    Oh ok, cool. It seems like it's still fairly slim and it looks like I could easily take the iPad out at night to dock and charge it. That is probably what I will end up getting then. Thanks for the input, I don't like buying stuff without either seeing it or reading reviews.
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    I use the Apple case on mine and feel that the M-Edge offers much more protection for the front and back than the Apple one. The only thing I wish the M-Edge offered was a kickstand style one. If they did, I would get it in a heartbeat.

    My wife also had the Leather Executive version for her Kindle and it was equally as good, just a leather version versus the cloth version.
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    I have looked and played with and researched just about all of the cases mentioned here on the forums, and keep sticking with the Apple case. About the only thing I'm not real crazy about on it are the edges. I love the low profile, the stands and while it does show a little dust, it's nothing I can't brush off once or twice a week in 5-10 seconds.
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    If you plan to dock every night, I suggest you go with the speck candyshell. It's got a little popup section on the bottom so it doesn't have to be removed when docking. To me, this was a negative because I don't use a dock and having to remove it every time i charge would be a hassle, but for you it would be a great advantage. Pair that up with a power support screen protector and I think you'll ge pretty happy :)
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    Nice, do the power support screen protectors feel better (smoother/not sticky) than invisible shields? touching the I.S. on my ip4 is about to drive me crazy, if I hadn't paid $30 for it today it would be off already.
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    I haven't tried it personally, but it's definitely better than an invisible shield. I've tried the invisible shield on an iPhone, and it felt too thick and sticky. You can check out ilounge for a good look into different screen protectors. As long as you go with a good quality anti-glare screen protector, it will feel smooth and repel fingerprints better. Hope that helps!
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    Definitely, thanks. I'm never waisting money on an invisible shield again.
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    I agree with this. Unfortunately, the antiglare PS screen protector is the best an I say unfortunately because you have to order from their site, and their CS is pretty bad. They forgot to ship my macbook pro protector, and took them a few days to ship my ipad one. IS does not feel good at all (although on my mbp it is just fine compared to what it used to be).
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    You can purchase them on eBay for about the same price, and as long as you select quality sellers, eBay is really reiable for things you can't find in physical stores. The Macally Metrolpad isn't available in my country, and apparently there's some dodgy stuff going on on their website regarding credit cards, so I purchased mine off eBay and I received it no problems. Just find yourself a quality seller and theres no problem :)
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    I have 2 recommendations:
    If you prefer to have a screen protector (I don't) then get the SwitchEasy Nude case that covers/protects the back and offers a little more grip for holding the iPad.

    If you prefer not to have a screen protector, then a folio-style case is a good idea. There are no perfect folio cases. Find a folio case that suits your style. I have the Apple case and the Macally Bookstand (grey), and prefer the Macally case. It looks nice and allows the virtually the entire front of the iPad to be exposed when the case is open.
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    Actually it depends. Trust me I have looked on ebay many a time for the screen protector...but you have to wait for the bid to end, and a lot of times the final price goes above what you pay from the website. Haha I am not a newb. It was important to me to just get the screen protector as efficiently and quickly as possible.


    This I did. I got a nice vinyl design for the back and a switch easy nude in clear. Nice set up.
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    Dude get an Apple case. It has a logo on the front, and it makes you look cooler.
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    Apple Case and Stuff

    I bought the Apple case and am very happy with it. I looked at dozens of cases and still feel the AC was the right choice for me.

    I also looked at dozens of messenger bags and carrying cases. Settled on the City Fossil- Jackson over at Amazon. Smooth as butter leather, 3 different color choices, good price and lots of pockets.

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    Great thread! I need another case for my second iPad. I have the Apple case too and I know it's hard to beat. The company did a lot of thinking on this one. I like that it's anti-slip too, so you can brace your iPad against your pant leg (or your girlfriend's skirt :D).

    I was hoping someone had done a great case, but it's hard to compete with Apple this time around. :rolleyes:

    The Incipio Kickstand looks like it's optimized for reading recipes while in the kitchen or watching movies on your airplane seat tray. :)

    The Fossil looks cool, especially in black. It's called the Fossil Citybag Jackson BTW. :cool:
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    This is just one of the many I found, $31AUD including postage from a seller with 100% positive feedback: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Power-Suppor...Accessories&hash=item255b7a2c89#ht_3520wt_920
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    you WILL NOT be able to type with the Kickstand at that angle, so if you're only gonna use it for a stand then great! otherwise not great :(
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    I found one of these at borders and measured my ipad to it. Perfect fit. Was thinking about removing the journal pages to attach the backing of my macally bookstand to it...but I don't think that would fit me as a person.

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    haha that is the yoobao case - but the first gen. There is a whole thread dedicated to it.

    I am looking to get these ones when it comes out from yoobao.

    New Yoobao case
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    Thanks guys, I'm going home this weekend so I guess I'll stop by the apple store and see if they have any apple cases or at least a display to see what it's like. My main issue with the apple case is the big apple on the front, the iPad draws enough attention to itself on it's own and I would rather not add to that. I had forgotten about the macally Bookstand, I really like that case. And I still like the m-edge trip and executive. I don't really think I can go wrong with any cases mentioned here so I guess it will come down to what I get the best deal on.
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    Here's another vote for the Apple case... slim, protects ok, and has the built-in stand.

    And, the faint Apple logo is a nice touch.

    Only complaint is it gets dirty real quick.

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