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just got my 27" imac

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by tjsdaname, Dec 5, 2009.

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    this thing is amazing! it's the 3.06 model

    I will post some pics in a few minutes

    (I want to try out the SD card reader)


    here you go!





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    Very nice, congratulations.:D
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    very nice, i love mine, got it lat sunday and cant fault it
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    strong desk lol
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    How do you like the magic mouse compared to the mighty mouse?
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    I love it!!!!

    it does not look all that comfortable, but it actually is. and this scrolling is awesome!

    but I have never used a mighty mouse
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    cool carpet. sweet "desk"
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    Is that desk from Ikea?
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    yes, I know I NEED new carped and a REAL desk....lol

    it was ether the imac or the desk and carpet
    I will be getting a real desk and carpet probably next week
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    Well, then. Go ahead. Show the way.
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    Heh, I think the iMac pretty much balances that out :p
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    No offence but fily is right. This pic set should be moved to "Post your last purchase" thread.
    What do you say mod?
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    Very Nice, Congratulations on, from the brief moments I've used it, is a very sharp machine. :D
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    Very nice! I'd LOVE to upgrade from my 24" to that one!
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    Many Many good wishes and congratulations for getting iMac. It is very nice , beautiful
    and lovely and of course it is amazing. I love it very much and I will also buying in next
    15 days also. The white color of iMac adds personality to it. Thanks for sharing picture
    of it.
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    lucky bastard (drooling)
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    I'm getting one soon, hopefully :D

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