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Just got my first DSLR!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by DFox, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Girl, Bus stop, other:

    Little girl:

    Fire Truck:



    One leg:
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    Pic 1,2,4 and 5 look like they were taking in San Jose, not sure about the rest (fire truck in Sac im guessing)
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    Definitely practice more because these look like regular P&S pictures.
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    Great guess! Actually the first one was taken in Mountain View

    Thank for the advise! However I have no idea how to: see the object the way I like most, take the camera off the bag, set F number (or switch lenses), make a shot, adjust ISO/shutter speed, make one more shot; - all in just a few seconds, since the whole scene I want to capture exists only for a moment?
    This is a bit different if I take, say, 17mm fix lens, tripod, go to park and will be photoing benches in B&W (with some tilt!) for an hour or so.
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    So, what kind of DSLR is it?
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    Don't shoot me, guys! I have Canon XSI.. my first DSLR.. However I got 50mm fix, kit lens (17-55) and telephoto 70-300mm.

    I agree 100% with timerollson: my stuff looks too "point-n-shotty"
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    Is it this one?
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    damn, i was gonna say either sunnyvale or santa clara (close enough) on the first pic. El Camino?
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    rule of thirds and depth of field; combine those things with photoshop and people will think you are ansel adams
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    After those first couple pics, I was starting to get scared where this thread was going.
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    just let me add, that girl is hot :D
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    El Camino and San Antonio

    Heh, so simple, however it requires years of practice.. I agree

    Right! Now the thread turnes the direction which ChicoWeb was scared of :D
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    "Girl, Bus stop, other:"

    Hot girl at the bus stop, and the dumpy kid is checking out his own penis. :confused:
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    lol i try not to look at him, the girl looks like megan fox no?
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    he've got the wrong caliber :D
  17. Bwa
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    Arg, I haven't eaten at Chef Chu's in forever.
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    All the less sharp images are due to improper expsure and wrong shutter times. Keep practicing! A lot of those are easy to fix in post-processing.

    Like someone else said, work on composition. It's much more difficult to fix in post-processing.
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    Totally hot!!!

    I just needed to add this:

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    Learn photoshop. That's all I've got to say.

    Pictures can't be too cluttered. The audience looks at where you point them to look in the picture. You may have to crop something out later.

    Learn color correction. Lighting correction. All those fun things.

    Then, one day, learn to shoot in RAW. It's a lot of fun! :)
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    Nice Shots, to make a good photograph, you have to learn basic photography principles like the rule of thirds, depth of field, those are great shots, but when you start to learn how to take pictures your pictures will be even better, add photoshop and you can create some amazing things.

    These are with my Nikon D-50, HDR mode, and some photoshop dodging and burning, and adjustment layers.. (will be getting the D-90 for christmas :D)



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    enable to grid lines to help with composition.
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    Bad advice. Photoshop can't make crappy photos good.
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    Most of my shots are taken "from hands" w/out tripod (or monopod). Len's IS does it's best, but still..
    Thanks for the tip!
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    Wow! That's fantastrc! Really fantastic!

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