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Just got my iPod socks!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AoWolf, Nov 24, 2004.

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    I was at the apple store at millennia today repairing my G5 and low and behold they brought out the very first shipment of iPod socks. I am in a car now so have no picts.
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    hurry up and get the pictures up!!
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    I gotta see these in action, I don't have one, but what would it look like on a mini? More importantly, how does it look on a 3 or 4G.
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    I'm interested as to what it will look like on a mini...
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    take a sock, any sock, and put your mini in it. ;)
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    Heck, I can crochet--I can make my own iPod socks. :)
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    apple store must be far from your house... i'm anxious to see the different colors. and what are you doing on macrumors in your car? :eek:

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    Darn I was just informed that I may not open them till the 24 of december. Oh well the point is they are in stores now and I can tell you that the reality distortion is working. They sold out in like 30 minuets at apple.

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