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Just got my refurbed ATV. It came in a new box.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by coldmember, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Don't know if that's typical with the ATV or not.

    It not, then why is Apple sending out new, unopened ATVs for refurbed prices?

    Are they trying to get rid of old stock? If so, it begs the question about what's in the new units?
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    I've seen refurb Macs come in 'new' boxes before.

    Don't read too much in to it, there's nothing different in the new ATVs ;)

    After all, it's only the cardboard...
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    By new, I mean old first gen box, just unopened. Not the 2ng gen box.

    Should have been more clear in the first post...

    Good to know that I won't be returning for an exchange :)
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    You should certainly look on the unit itself. Usually there's some indicator on the device that it has been factory refurbished. I don't think there's any hard and fast rule about changing the boxes.

    ~ CB
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    The refurb I got before christmas was like this, too. I think it's normal. I checked the sticker on the box with the model number and it said it was refurbed.
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    I to ordered a refurb and got a new one. Checked the model number and indeed it was a brand spanking new unit!!!
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    Ultimately, its probably not worth more than one exclamation mark. :p

    ~ CB
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    Clearing stock for the new boxes with the Take 2 software pre-loaded...
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    Hey thats cool. I've never heard of anyone getting a *real* box on refurbs before. I was thinking of picking up a refurb ATV myself.
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    I ordered a refurb. AppleTV also and it too came in a retail box. I thought at first that they sent me a brand new unit. But if you look closely at the small white product identification label on box, it clearly states Apple Certified Refurbished Unit in small print. I'm betting that yours is marked this way as well.
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    So by "new" you in fact meant "old." I see, now it makes sense.

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