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iPad mini Just got the Speck FitFolio for $1 @ Target

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Tortri, Nov 3, 2012.

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    I went to get the iPad mini at Target and while waiting for them to get the key I looked at their cases and had noticed the price tag on the "Speck FitFolio for iPad mini" said $1.00 specifically the black one. I paused and did a double take so I grab it and confirmed at the register that it costs $1.00, I ended up getting two of them.

    I'm not sure if this is at all targets but it was at the Target in California, MD.(California is the name of the town in Maryland).

    Hope this helps someone else get as lucky as me.
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    How does the case fit? I was planning to order this one online.
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    Can you post some pics of the case? With and without the Mini installed.

    Would appreciate it!
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    I wonder if Speck has already issued a recall or something. I have the case, got it from Amazon. It fits fine but the sleep/wake does not work and it has the mysterious cut out on the back. I would consider keeping once those issues are resolved, but don't like that the back is exposed when being used as stand and I don't like the clip/latch thing it uses.
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    I'd have to agree with jedolley. The magents don't work, there is a mystery port hole on the back. It's a very tight fit actually a little hard to get it in the case. I'll post pictures when I get a moment to.

    While laying flat I didn't see it sticking up on the sides to protect against a flat fall. I'll look again when I take the photos. I don't see the mini falling out the case any time soon. The side connector is ok IMO, it gets the job done.

    Keep in mind these are my initial impressions.
  6. jedolley, Nov 3, 2012
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    The side latch is just annoying to me, but would be useful if you could latch it when the cover is folded back. It seems like you should be able to, but I haven't been successful.

    Edit: I got the latch to work while the cover was folded back. Just took more work than it should.
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    There won't be a recall because Amazon made a mistake. The Fitfolio for the iPad mini is not suppose to work. They didn't make it for it. I just got an email from Speck tell me so.

    Here is the email:

    (Hi "Name",

    Thanks for contacting Speck! I apologize for the confusion but Amazon had mistakenly listed the sleep/function as feature. Our Fitfolio for the iPad mini does NOT have that function. Again, we apologize for the misinformation that Amazon provided and the correction should be noted on their website soon.

    In regards to your question about the viewing angles, the Fitfolio has a cradle for the iPad to sit into so that the back portion is not exposed. If you click on the initial picture, it will give you the back view as well. Only the screen is exposed, when in use, of course! Here is a link for the Fitfolio (other generations, but it should give you an idea of the views if you hover over the photos). http://www.speckproducts.com/tablet-ipad-cases/the-new-ipad/magfolio-for-ipad.html I hope this helps J

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!

  8. jedolley, Nov 3, 2012
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    I can buy the no sleep/wake function unless someone discovers some magnets in the cover for no reason. However, it still has the mysteriously pointless cut out at the top part of the back that all the early cases have (see pic).

    EDIT: LOL... It's not Amazon's fault after all.

    Right from Speck's web page for the iPad mini version of the FitFolio.


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    Do you mind posting a receipt and you can blank out info. Also do you have dpci number or sku.

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    Sleep/wake function is important function. It is strange to see speck design to not to have that feature.

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    Not sure if this is the dpci number. 057000893

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    I bet speck just doesn't want to eat their mistake...watch, a new and improved model will be out soon. It's a shame because iblason,mojo, and Kay's case are all sending free replacements out to all who ordered them
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    I should point out that despite my issues with this case, if you can find this case for a $1 it's definitely worth it.
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    Oh yeah, totally agreed. But if I bought this case for $35 I'd be disappointed.
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    Picture 1

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  16. Tortri, Nov 4, 2012
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    Picture 2

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    Yup, that's the DPCI. Unfortunately, it appears the online inventory system is not working anymore. You used to be able check inventory for items not listed on their site if you had the DPCI.
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    Picture 3

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    Picture 4

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    Picture 5

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    Picture 6

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    thanks for that info and I will start hunting around local targets and report back. I was able to snag the leather smart cover for ipad 2 and 3 which is normally $69.99 for $13.98. I had them pricematch the target website but it took 3 stores to finally accept it. THe item is out of stock and clearance and most targets will not match it. One target did not care and was glad to help out and match 1 cover. Now time to get a couple of the $1 covers while I wait for my mini accessories to arrive.


    http://www.target.com/p/apple-ipad-.../A-13407866#prodSlot=medium_1_3&term=ipad tan
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    I just got back from my local Target and found the same deal. My Target did not have any iPad mini cases on display (they are usually slow with new stuff), but I used their inventory checker in store and it showed they had it in the stockroom and the $1.00 price. I picked up two for $.95/each (Target Red Debit Card).

    Target.com does not show the Speck, but does show that Target is carrying some Belkin iPad mini cases. Some of them show to be in my store, but like I said, my Target is slow to put stuff on the shelves.
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    You are right that the case is definitely worth $1. When I arrived I asked the associates if they have any ipad mini accessories since I did not see them on the shelf. The associate was quick to jump to the gun and say they did not receive any. Then he claimed they received only smart covers. I provided the DPCI and he quickly changed his story and said they were in the back. I followed to the area since it was in the electronic section and while looking for it.

    The associate was hesitant to sell it and felt like I was robbing target. They were confused why the price was so low and I explained to them that speck wanted to discount it to replace them with a new revision. He called TARGET LOSS PREVENTION to the back to check on the item. They peel the sku to make sure no one changed it and checked the handheld scanners to see the item status. It was marked ACTIVE and the loss prevention guy had no issues with the item or the status and said. "if the guy wants to buy it then sell it to him" :D

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    The employees at my target didn't think they had anything either, but once they saw it on the scanner they sent someone back to look. They did not give me any issue about the price though.

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