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Just how different is the screen on 5G vs 5.5G?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by micsaund, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Hi all!

    I'm contemplating pulling the trigger on my first iPod with video and I see that the 30GB units on the refurb page are most likely 5G and not 5.5G.

    According to the FAQ, the screens are brighter on the 5.5G units. How much difference are we talking about? Is the screen on the 5G units a real problem? I'm thinking of the screens on the Gameboy Advance vs. the GBA SP if any of you have seen that difference - it's big!

    The price on the refurbs is nice, but I don't want to spent $180 on something that is difficult to use due to the dim screen when another $70 gets the better one. However, if the difference is minor, I'm always up to save $70 :D

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    I have a 5G and no problems and if you held a 5.5G and 5G in front of me, I would not be able to tell you the difference.
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    I owned a 5G and a 5.5G and ive held them together in comparison tests..
    yes you can notice the difference in teh screen brightness, but if all you will be doing is listening to music and hearing Podcasts, the screen feature wont benefit you that much. I dont use it that much (liek putting more Brightness on the screen) unless im watching a movie on a really Sunny Day, or if the movie has extremely dark scenes..

    I say go with the refurb, you save $$ and you still get a good iPod..!
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    The difference in my opinion is quite big. The new screen is a hell of a lot brighter and it makes photos, video etc. look amazing.

    Out of the box the brightness is about the same but when you dial it up you really notice the difference. It makes reading the screen in bright sunlight a lot easier too.
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    Oh well, just lonly me can't. I guess I didn't look hard enough. I use it for backups and musics so my bad for giving bad advice or the settings were different on the 5.5 G.
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    I want the video functionality for video podcasts which will likely be watched in a <cough> office environment </cough> ;) So, if the 5G is fine for that brightness level, that's good for me as I won't be watching in the sun most likely. As long as I could get the UI to work in the bright sun, while recording a podcast outdoors for example, that would be adequate.

    Thanks for the input so far everyone and keep it coming!

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    i was used to looking at my 5.5 screen with brightness a little up and when i saw my cousins 5.0 it was too dark for me
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    Yep, in my experience photos and videos look a lot better with the brighter screen. The colours are more natural and it's easier on the eye too.
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    Yeah, the 5g is perfect for indoor use. Remember the 5.5g also has better battery life, the new headphones, and the search function.
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    Wow - I'm starting to feel that I want to go for a 5.5G instead.

    Do they ever get those in the refurb section and if so, is there a way to tell them from the 5G at the 30GB level (since 5 and 5.5 both have 30GB).
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    i would get a 5.5g for the better battery life alone. but yes, the screen brightness makes a big difference. it's almost as dramatic as ds vs. ds lite.
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    You can't tell the difference between the 5G and the 5.5G iPod screen brightness???


    tell me which one is the 5.5G.
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    Wow, that is a large difference, 5.5 on 1.left 2.right obviously.
    Both on full brightness?
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    part of me wants to say you have it backwards (if directions are how im looking at it on the screen)
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    Yeah, other way around.

    The top image has the brighter screen on the right, the second image has the brighter screen on the left as you look at the screen.

    The 5.5G iPod at default brightness is a shade brighter than the 5G at full brightness, at full brightness on the 5.5G the screen is impressively brighter than the old one.
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    get the 5g, same some money. Ya the brightness differnce is noticeable, but it doesn't really matter, does it?
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    My 5G's held up great, I'd say just go for it. The 5.5G's perks just aren't really enough to make a real $ difference. Sure the added brightness is nice, but I don't have any trouble seeing my 5G's screen. It all comes down to the cost difference really and how much you're willing to spend.
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    I dont know about 5g videos but I have compared my 2g nano with a friends 1g nano and the brightness of 2g nanos screen is a least 25% brighter
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    The later 5G models have the same screen model number as the 5.5G, however the backlight is different on the newer model.

    This may be why there are discrepancies in peoples opinions.

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    Yeah, my bad, only one of the pictures was there when I first posted, so I edited, but wrong order.

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