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Just ordered my 15" PB

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Fireburst, Nov 4, 2005.

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    I have just ordered my new 15" Powerbook :D

    My current Mac is a G3 iMac so this is going to be a great upgrade. I have just started a multimedia course at University (even old gits like me can still go back to school ya know) and after tasting some G5 goodness I realised that a upgrade was in order (I already have 3 PC's in a wireless network).

    I rarely get excited about such matters as buying computer equipment but I have to admit I just can't wait to show this baby off :p

    Estimated ship date 7th November.
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    I'm right behind you, or so I thought before I started reading about all the problems with the new PB's. Poor displays, screen flickering, etc. Are you worried about this? Please keep us posted with pics/screen issues, etc.
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    No flicker here... and the lines issue is so minor to my eyes... but if a good solution comes out I think we deserve them to be perfect screens.

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    Not too worried. If the issue is really serious then I have confidence that Apple would make things right.

    I will be posting all the (hopefully) nice birth photo's ;)
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    I guess my main concern is that if I get the powerbook, and they decide they aren't going to fix it, I'm stuck with a crappy screen for 3-4 years.
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    Considering the kid gloves they are using with the new ipods and potential problems, they will fix this... its just a matter of how well and how fast.

    I dont want to lose this laptop unless I get it back in under 2 weeks.

    Its becoming part of my business, every day away is money lost.

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    I just got my new 15" powerbook last Sat. from Apple store, the screen is fine for me, actually I really like the higher resolution. The only problem that I had thus far is the bumpy keyboard and seems like the cover is "too easy" to open. It would pop open sometimes even I just sit it on a desk :confused:
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    Hmmmm...I might return mine if it pops open on its own. Having a little gap is one thing but popping open it shouldn't. If they were willing to replace mine because of the small gap (lid wasn't closing flush on the right side) they should be willing to replace one that won't stay closed!
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    great but don't u wanna wait for next year for the intels?
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    Nope, my Uni course is totally Mac based so I need a Mac now. Also I wouldn't buy a Intel Mac until they had been out for at least a year so they had time to iron out glitches and also to get enough feedback from all the early adopters to make a informed choice with my next purchase.

    My 1.67 G4 PB isn't going to be the quickest laptop on the block but it will serve me fine for at least two years ;)

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