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Just ordered myself a 60gb iPod Photo, and...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MattG, Mar 22, 2005.

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    ...one of these:


    So how many people here have iPod-ed their cars? I'm really excited about this! Having all 6000+ of my songs in my car at the touch of a button, all at once! Apparently this device will also display artists/song title's on my receiver's screen!
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    Looks awesome, the only way I have put my iPod with the car is through a standard input jack or a converter which is OK but not as good as that. It should make CD changers (which in my opinion are really overpriced) a thing of the past and there is no point in those media server things in cars because who needs more space than an iPod can provide. Plus, how can someone steal it if you take it with you.
    Good luck with it anyway
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    That is totally Kick A**. What kind of head unit do you have, and how much does a good one cost? I have been thinking of upping my car audio and this gives me great reason...
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    I've got a Kenwood Excelon KDC-X579 head unit...it cost me $229, and that was almost a year ago. It's a pretty good unit...right now I've just got stock speakers in my car, and I'm going to upgrade them eventually. This receiver seems to power them pretty well without distorting.
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    all i did for my car was get a new Awia head unit that included a front input jack, works like a charm with my ipod, or i could use it easily with just about any player too
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    Damn, that's tight. I have a Kenwood also (KDC-X879 I believe) and I just bought the AUX to RCA adapter and a monster RCA to MINI cable to hook up the pod. Kinda regretting it now, lol.

    I want to mount a dock right under the center console of my Grand Prix and bondo/paint it so it looks 100% natural. If only I knew how to use bondo lol.

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