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just ordered new pb !!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gokhan, Nov 12, 2005.

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    so i did it i ordered a new powerbook although not without hassle i asked the man very kindly before i placed the order that if my pb displayed the lines issue would i be able to return it no questions and charges aked for response :

    we have not heard of the issue ?

    me : i am not placing the order then sir !!
    app: oh a very small number of pb's are affected !
    me: so now u are saying there is a problem !!
    app: yes
    me: let me speak to ur manager
    app: ok
    Mn: sir any problem u can return within 14 days no probs
    me: ok i am ready to order :)
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    Better call back and make sure there is no restocking fee. They have always had the 14 day policy, but you pay 15% I think.
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    I don't understant how they could charge you anything if your PB isn't in perfect condition.
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    only suckers pay restocking fees...
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    well as far as i know british consumer law states that if the product displays a defect or i am not satisfied with its quality Or it does not meet the needs of use (which in my case graphics work which requires a good damn screen) then within a resenable amout of time i CAN request a full refund !!!

    we shall just have to see !!! :)

    also are there any good tests i can run to show the problem quickly !!
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    Good luck with it dude. I'm actually typing this on my Pbook. You'll love it! :)

    What are the specs anyway?
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    lucky guy.
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    1.67ghz 80gb standard i was gonna get more ram but that would mean bto and apple creating hassle when asking for a refund so just standard

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