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Just picked up an Air 13" . . . Love it

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mastershakess, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Just got it and its awesome! Bought an open box at Best Buy for $914, told it was only owed for 2 days before it was returned. Spent the night adding music and photos. The SSD is fast and made it much easier to update and transfer files.

    I love it!
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    914 after tax?
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    Nah before, so around $969.89 after MD 6% tax.
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    Still good deal - do they extend the 10% off coupon - thought it already ended.
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    I'm pretty sure that ended the beginning of the month.
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    Yeah was advertised as ending Feb 2nd if I remember correctly.
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    Add me to the "just got mine and love it" crowd.
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    i picked up an open box 11" macbook air with 4gb ram from bestbuy for $600 2 weeks ago. I love it too!!
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    Have you guys bought cases for it yet? I bought the speck black case and a sleeve,..sleeve should be here later this week..
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    No, I purchased the 11" one, but bought:


    Which is nice, and should protect from minor scratches, but that's about all.

    Then I bought this sleeve, which people said elsewhere fits the speck case (I'll find out friday..). I'm more worried about water and rain, so hopefully this addresses it..

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    I got a 13" Air open box for $850 OTD with the coupon. Had bought a Retina, but when I got it home discovered a dent in the lid and it wasn't aligned properly-made me concerned it had been dropped. So I swapped for a 13/1.8/4/128.

    And yes, the coupon expired on the 2nd.
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    Nice! My open box 11" with 4GB/64GB was $800 out the door with the coupon. $600... /jealous!
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    I highly recommend looking at the Moshi covers. Especially the translucent. I have used them on my 13" MBA and I have one on my 15" rMBP I am typing this on.

    See http://store.moshimonde.com/iglaze-air-13-translucent-226.html

    I am also a fan of the 3M carbon fiber skins. See http://www.icarbons.com/collections...acbook-air-13-2010-current-black-carbon-fiber. I don't apply the inside skin. I just do the bottom and top.

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