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Just picked up my FitFolio by Speck!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jdminpdx, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Speck announced on thier Facebook page that these were arriving to Target stores. I immediately called my local Target and they had them but for some reason said they could not sell them to me. I called another Target and was also told the same. Frustrated, I called back the original Target and asked for a manager. She said there was no reason for it to not be sold to me and put one on hold for me.

    I am VERY pleased with this folio. It isnt too bulkly and is nice and form fitting. You place your iPad 2 into the inside molded shell and it snaps in. I was extra cautious and pulled back to sides and gently let them rest against the iPad. I do still plan on getting a Zagg for it. Anyway, just a quick review for ya and pictures. Enjoy!

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    Looks good...! Might consider this in black.

    Does it have auto wake/sleep?
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    Looks nice, does it have a magnet for the sleep/wake? Did Target get in other Speck cases that you saw?
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    There is no sleep magnet unfortunately. And this was the first aftermarket iPad 2 case that my local target had in stock.
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    That looks great. I hope they start offering more colors though.
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    Speck says black is coming in about a week. :)
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    Sweet. Now it's time to decide between the SwitchEasy's Canvas and the FitFolio. They both have almost identical functionality but I wonder which one weighs more. You don't happen to have a scale. Do you? :cool:
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    Unfortunately not. Sorry! But if it helps, it add very little additional weight. I was concerned at first but I'm pleasantly surprised. :)
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    what material is it made of? like a rubbery/silicone type material? is it covered in fabric

    also, if there are no magnets does the cover stay closed over the screen? how about if you flip it back?

    for me it's this versus the pixelskin
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    There is an elastic band that keeps the fold closed on the iPad (see pic 3 and 5 and you can see the little notch). It works both ways when you have it closed or folded behind when using it. The flap is a faux leather and the shell is a hard plastic (not quite soft rubberized but it does have great grip).
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    Thanks anyway. I'll just have to check it out in person. ;)
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    Can you please post the dpci# from the receipt?
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    I think this might be it.


    Or I have something with a VCD#...


    OR REC#...

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    Yup, that's it. Thanks, but no go at my local target, says none in stock.
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    Here's a link to see if this is available at your local Target. It should work based on the DPCI#, but have not been able to confirm in person since no Target around me has them. I did confirm this was the right DPCI # when I was at the store because I used one of the end cap scanners and the description showed Speck FitFolio, just none on the Aisle and zero in the stockroom. I used 90210 as a test and it shows available there... Maybe the OP can plug in his zip and see what it comes up. Either way, if it says it's available for you give them a call...

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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I plugged in my zip, 97030 and it shows limited availability at the store I bought it from.
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    Just called the Target near me, Rockaway NJ. Don't have any iPad 2 cases in stock other than Smart Covers but he said he expects more in this week. I'm hoping it's the Pixelskin HD but wouldn't mind looking at this one either.
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    Picked mine up today and i'll shoot a video tonight (if time allows) but I am not overly impressed.

    While it is very slim and light - when you use the stand it exposes the back side of your iPad. There is also a large cut out for the speaker which exposes your iPad to an extent.

    Finally (might just be on my case) the inner lining is already coming un-glued and I have noticed that out of the package the red material is catching dirt pretty easily. I saw 5 of these cases at my Target and they all had some black staining on them (I presume it can be wiped off with a damp cloth).

    Not trying to be negative but usually Speck produces high quality items and I feel that this one misses the mark just a bit. Looking forward to the PixelSkin HD Wrap :)
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    That's the one I would prefer as well. Seeing the FitFolio in stores early though is giving me hope that the PixelSkin will be available soon.
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    While the back is partial exposed, I am not concerned since it's only exposed (partially) when your using the stand feature. Plus I have a Zagg that is to be installed. I'm not sure where you get the lack of quality. I feel this is built beautifully. And lastly, any light colored case will catch dirt over time. I'm not sure if Target had them stocked away in a dirty location but mine is flawless. To each his own I guess.
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    The reason why I called out quality is because of the catching of dirt and inner material coming un-glued.

    Not a terrible case just some concerns of mine out of the box.
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    I'd take it back and exchange it if it's appearing to come undone. I checked mine to see if I have that issue and I don't.
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    Looks great! I'm going to pick one up today. Just wondering if it will fit with a skin on it.

    also wondering why red was released first at target. :)
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    I went to my local Target tonight and couldn't find it on the floor. I had to ask the associate to look it up by the dcpi # and he found it in the stock room. I figured I post some pics with the white iPad.

    Overall, I'm happy with the case. I would give it a 7/10. No auto on/off is a big minus. The case had gray marks (dirty) on certain places like others have mentioned even though when I received the package it was still in a sealed plastic bag so it must be a manufacturer issue.

    I am having doubts that this will fit with any skin because it's almost a perfect fit. I will order a protective film and find out and post my findings.

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