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Just placed an order for a Mac mini!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ravenvii, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Oh man! I've just finally finalized a order for a Mac mini, along a couple other things!

    Mac mini 1.42 GHz
    with BTO AirPort+Bluetooth and 1 GB RAM!

    And iWork '05 and .Mac (to save $30 on the upcoming renewal in March)!

    I won't see it until the second week of March. This is going to be an agonizing wait!

    (I ain't no switcher, been a Mac diehard for close to two years now, the iBook G3 was an awesome lappy, but it's time has come, sadly. ;) )
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    That's great!
    Long wait though... but it'll be worth it when it arrives.

    Why don't you scoot over and help Baby Duck Monger make his mind up?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Cool, looks like Apple is getting backed up a bit. 2nd week in march so thats now 6 weeks. Anyways congrats.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I was just noticing the same thing. :eek:

    I wonder what the delivery time will by the time Tiger hits the streets will be? For I was thinking of the Mac mini as my Tiger machine.

    Though I spent today redoing (backing up data, reinstalling my software) my eMac which was used by other half (they prefer to use Windows because of the look and feel of MS Office XP). I am really surprised by the eMac, and it casts doubts about going with the Mac mini, unless Apple updates the specs a little.

    I have a PB 12" rev. B with 1.2gb RAM and the 40gb HDD. The eMac is the 1.2ghz with the 7200rpm HDD and 768 RAM. This little machine screams with the day to day tasks so far compared to my PB. It really shows me that the faster HDD have an advantage in the "feel" of the apps.

    It would be cool for Apple to come out with the Mac "maxi", with a G5 processor, a 64mb VRAM (128 CTO), and using the 3.5" HDDs. To accommodate the extra hardware and to try to keep it cool, I would think that it would be closer to the G4 Cube in height.
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    Congrats :cool:

    I too ordered my mini BTO a few days ago. My estimated shipping is 02/28. Was exactly a month from when i ordered it. Not too bad. But I have a feeling that the date will jump forward a couple weeks at 10:55 on the 28th :confused:.

    It will be a long wait.. And i'm sure i'll be checking MR.com every few... minutes in the interim.

    Oh, and I didnt want to start a new thread about this, but do you guys think that this mouse will work with my upcoming Mac mini?
  6. jsw
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    No - it only supports Windows. I'm sure buttons will work OK, but stuff like the scroll wheel almost undoubtedly won't.

    This one seems to get good reviews around here, and is Mac-compatible.
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    I'm planning to buy the MX1000 mouse. Looks sweet!

    And there's some confusion here, entirely my fault: the order says 3-4 weeks wait. But it's being mailed to my home, and I'm at college. I'm going to have a week break in the middle of March, and that's when I go home and get the mini.
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    Thanks, I got that mouse for like 10 bucks somewhere a couple months ago, hopefully it will work for a little while until I get another, or I'll used an old wired optical i've got lying around.

    Thanks for the tip.

    EDIT: Wow, seems like that MX1000 is $79 canadian after a 40 dollar discount right now. Maybe I'll go out and grab one of those. Thanks again
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Hard to say over all on the mouse he asked about. I have a MS wireless USB keyboard/mouse kit. It wasn't listed as Mac compatible, but everything worked the way it should.

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