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Just received a dell 2408

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by mleibowi, Jun 19, 2008.

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    2 basic questions:
    1. How do I set up my macbook such that when I close it, the external display doesn't go into sleep mode?
    2. What is the best way to calibrate the monitor?

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    Turn off the Computer plug it in then turn it on and close the screen. For Calibration you can use the OS or you get hardware.
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    Figured out the display issue. Anyone else have input for calibration?

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    I have the Spyder3Pro. It's a great calibration tool, and there are many others out there. The price varies with make, model, and what it's designed for, but you could get older ones for relatively cheap (Spyder2express for $79 USD from Datacolor).

    If you don't want to go the hardware calibration route, you could always find out the make of your lcd panel and look up color profiles for that specific one. Many ppl post them. There's a thread somewhere on here, but I'm a bit too lazy to search ATM.

    Edit: Sorry, the thread I was mentioning is for MBP lcd panels, but I'd imagine somebody must have calibrated the same model as you. Just do a quick google of the model number and "color profiles".
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    Well, like Techguy172 said above you can use the OS or purchase one of the many hardware monitor calibration devices.

    In the OS, click System Preferences, select the Displays pane, then click the Colors tab at the top. A "Calibrate" button will appear that you can experiment with (the advanced calibration that will appear as an option) offers far more accuracy than the standard BTW. You can find out a lot more about that type of calibration by googling "monitor calibration osx". If you don't like the custom calibration results you get, you can go back to the calibration file you started with. The profile you store after an OS calibration is stored with a custom name you assign it and the original one is not modified.

    As far as hardware devices there are literally dozens. ColorVision among other companies make a wide range of devices over a wide range of prices. Google "monitor calibration" to get you started in your search for them and to look at user reviews.
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    If I am using the Multimedia preset on the monitor, I prefer to use WideGamutRGB preset in the Mac's Display preferences. Colors "pop" like on a glossy-coated display, but they do not sear my eyeballs.

    If I am using the sRGB preset on the monitor, I prefer to use AdobeRGB preset in the Mac's Display preferences. The colors are more muted, but still look natural. It's much like a matte-coated display screen.

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