Just saw "INCEPTION" Maybe all this "AntennaGate" buisness is all a planted dream...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by xraytech, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Okay who saw it and got their minds blown?
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    I haven't seen it yet. Do you recommend it?
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    If you like "The Matrix" and heist films like "The Italian Job" & "HEAT", you will flip out when you see this movie.
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    Sorry, but how can a film be a cross between Heat and The Matrix? That's like a cross between an elephant and my lunch.
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    while I did chuckle, this movie actually would qualify as a cross
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    My interest is piqued. Is it worth paying 10 times the DVD cost (for 2 people) to go see it on the big screen?
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    Is this an exaggeration or are tickets really that expensive in Europe?
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    Actually I'm in Japan. Here cinema tickets cost 1,800 yen, so for two it's 3,600 yen = 42 USD. The rental DVD is about a tenth of that once it comes off the New list. How much are tickets in the States?
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    In Missouri it is ~$8 for a normal movie and around $10.50 for a digital projection. I have never seen a 3d movie so I don't know the prices for those.
    Our theaters rip us off on things like popcorn and soda which can be around $11. I don't buy any though.
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    $8 :eek:

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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    I used to consider this expensive ( and I like Apple stuff :rolleyes:) until I saw your reply. I feel lucky now.
    Our DVDs are $20 how much are yours?
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    I never buy, but a quick look at Amazon showed prices all over the place. Older movies, I guess, would be about the $20 mark. I just checked the price of Up (the last movie I saw at the cinema before Avatar) and that's $28 at Amazon Japan.

    I have three children, so a trip for all of us to the cinema is a once-a-year Christmas holiday event! Even for just me and my wife it's hard to justify not waiting for the DVD unless the movie really benefits from the big screen. Avatar 3D certainly did! :D
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    Seriously, it is really worth your while seeing this! Great great film. If you liked Nolan's earlier stuff you should definitely check this out.
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    Great movie...definitely worth it...one of the greatest movies ever...brilliant story by nolan...
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    Freaking killer movie!!!!!!!!!! Both me and the wife loved it. It is the best movie of the season and by far the best one all year. It can defiantly be a cross between the matrix and heat....... You have to see it!!!
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    Please see it! This one can't be missed!

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    It blew my freakin' mind. One of the most imaginative and thrilling films I have ever seen.
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    the premise looks stupid. implanting dreams? "your mind is the scene of a crime"? laughable nonsense. :rolleyes:
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    Don't knock what you haven't seen.

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