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Just saw the USS Kitty Hawk sail into town

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by AlBDamned, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Wow! What a monster! I've rarely seen a navy ship up close and I felt like I was in spitting distance of this one. Watching the tugs straing to keep it from smashing into Russell Crowe's house was pretty interesting!

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    Couldn't they of let it hit his house, he's not important.

    When I was younger (think 1996) my parents were given tickets for a tour of an aircraft carrier in Hong Kong. It was great fun actually being on a real aircraft carrier. HUGE ship.

    USS Independence
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    LOL that would have been amusing.

    They're not letting people on it this time round, which is hardly surprising at the moment given everything that's going on. It was MASSIVE though. And the number of aircraft on the deck was amazing too. Up until now I'd only ever seen stuff like this in films.

    Four other ships are expected in too.

    Was pretty cool, I watched it come in then walked back past Sydney Opera House and the Bridge, all in blazing (and warm) winter sunshine. Makes me pleased to be here!
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    did you not take pictures to share with us???

    i'm jealous
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    [redneck voice]us 'mericans just tryin' to make sure y'alls keepin' it straight down under[/redneck voice]

    ;) :D
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    I was wondering why yo mama left in such a hurry.
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    Nope, sadly not. I wasn't planning to go as I couldn't stand there all day so didn't take a camera into work. Then, the dimwits in the Australian Harbor/Naval watch let slip the times even though the US had asked them not too, so I managed to take an early lunch and walk the 10 minutes to the dock. I'll be going back at the weekend for a closer look and to take some pics.

    There's this picture from anther person and more on SMH. Loads of Helicopters watching over it, police boats, Naval authorities etc. it's a pretty big occassion by all accounts.

    Found a round up of number on the ship too:
    - Flight deck area: 4.1 acres
    - Maximum number of aircraft: 75
    - Average crew number: 5300
    - Average number of lawyers on board: two
    - Number of loaves of bread baked each day: more than 900
    - Average amount of soft drink consumed per day: 5040 cans
    - Average number of meals served per day: more than 12,000
    - Number of barbershops: two
    - Number of retail shops: two
    - Number of hospital beds: 65
    - Number of doctors and surgeons: seven
    - Average amount of mail processed each day: 1125kg
    - Average annual payroll: $US145 million ($169 million)

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    I went on a tour of a floating museum of a world war II aircraft carrier. It was rather large itself, I couldn't imagine seeing the kitty hawk in person.
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    That thing is ****ing huge. What's more amazing is that the USS Kitty Hawk is the smallest carrier in our fleet.
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    Yeah but it's nearly 50 years old! (The new ones do look amazing though.) It's pretty rusty in places, but it was still an amazing sight. Especially all the aircraft.
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    Maybe the USS Yorktown, near Charleston, South Carolina? My grandfather helped build it and my father did some ventilation work on it. When I arrived at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, one of the first things our class did as a group was take a tour of it. A female in the group, whose name I can't recall, gave handjobs to two of my classmates during the tour.
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    Last of its kind, the only conventionally fueled carrier in the US fleet. And if you thought that one was big, you should see a Nimitz class. :eek:

    I've been on the USS Intrepid (CV-11), and it was pretty cool to see an A-12 (which spawned the SR-71) on board

    ^ The Intrepid is also a floating museum, just not right now.
    That whore! :p
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    LOL, I guess you need some sort of relief from the 85 hours of study per week?
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    mad jew


    No wonder y'all 'Mericans're so fat!
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    That page is somewhat inaccurate. We didn't really study 85 hours per week. It was basically like taking 35-40 undergrad-level credit hours, depending on the specific week of training, though, so 85 hours of schoolwork and studying each week probably isn't that far off. Also, since the course materials are classified, you can't just study them in your barracks -- you have to come in to the classroom, through all the security, and sit in the room and read and do homework. There were also petty officers standing watch and roaming the halls, so you'd get bitched at if you weren't studying or were horsing around.

    I failed a test in Power School (the second phase), and my Chief came down hard since I hadn't spent enough time in the building studying. So I went from having no mandatory study hours to getting 30-5's, which means that I had to study 30 hours a week in the building, with a minimum of 5 hours on the nights preceding school days. No fun.
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    Makes me home sick. The Kitty Hawk and Constellation were everyday sights while I was growing up. I was heart broken when they retired the Constellation and Coronado just didn't seem the same without the Kitty Hawk (the Nimitz is there now).

    What was funny was that the absence of those carriers effected me almost as much as most of the buildings in my high school being gone when I went to my 20th last summer. Still, most of Coronado was still the same. :D
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    hehe... kitty sounds soooo girly
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    A pretty cool place to visit is the USS Midway in San Diego. You get to walk all over a World War Two era carrier... and it is even cooler when some Nimitz-class carriers are floating past. If you thought the Midway was big (and it is) the Nimitz-class are monsters! :)
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    My brother served on the Kitty Hawk in the mid 90's, he still says it was the most amazing experience in his entire life.

    The craziest thing he saw was when they were on their way to Singapore they got caught in a typhoon and one of the F-18's that had been out earlier in the day wasn't secured properly and actually fell off the carrier! Can you imagine? A jet just falls off the boat and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, that's just insane!

    That's bigger than the town I grew up in.
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    that's one expensive (20+ mill) mistake. wow. that would be wild to see considering they are big jets, but probably look tiny on a carrier...and plus, a carrier in a typhoon. wow!
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    Because we drink 11.4oz. of soda per day while serving on aircraft carriers?
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    A comparison of the US carrier fleets to the rest of the world.
    Interesting tidbit from the above article.
    "America has twice as many aircraft carriers as the rest of humanity combined, and America's aircraft carriers are substantially larger than almost all the other's aircraft carriers. The Navy likes to call the big Nimitz class carriers "4.5 acres of sovereign and mobile American territory" -- all two dozen American carriers of all classes add up to about 75 acres of deck space. Deckspace is probably a good measure of combat power. The rest of the world's carriers have about 15 acres of deck space, one fifth that of America's."

    Up for a sea war, anyone? :eek:
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    Which is why America's enemies have taken to terrorist attacks, because no one in the world can stand up to our military.
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    If ya can't beat them, attack their families :cool:

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