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Just saw the worst show on TV

Discussion in 'Community' started by mrjamin, Jun 3, 2003.

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    Just watched a dreadful program on BBC1 - its about burglaries.

    The show's hosted by a pair of ex-convicts (one was convicted of 39 burglaries, spent time in prison and the other 8 burglaries, no prison time). They've both gone straight (one's a minister, the other's a businessman). Anyway - they drive around looking for a house they'd like to break into. Once they've found a house they like, one of them talks to the owners about the security etc, then they say "right, secure your house, come with me, and my collegue's going to break in to it".

    The house is then rigged with cameras, the owners are taken away and can see everything on monitors. Sure enough, the other guy turns up, successfully breaks into the house. He then proceeded to trash the place!! They actually took all the stuff they thought was valuable. The couple watching were both getting very upset and angry. The woman could hardly bring herself to talk to the guy who did the burgling!

    Fair enough; they do then secure the house and give them all kinds of tips on keeping their homes secure but still, its a pretty harsh way to do it! Once the house has been secured, they try and break in again (2 weeks later in the case, completely unanounced). He didn't succeed.

    It seems that although they were giving advice on securing your home, they were also giving advice to burglars on how to rob a home since they talked you through the burglary. A joke, absoultely disgsuting if you ask me.

    Am i being over-sensitive? (bare in mind i was burgled last week)

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    That sounds pretty bad, but it is probably fake, remember if they rigged the place with camera's all you need to stop the whole damn thing is a police car, think about it.

    Fake fake fake. -- Like 'pro' 'wrestling'
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    Well if that's the worst TV show you Brits can come up with, you obviously haven't seen American TV! :p

    My favorite TV show right now is a BBC import called "Last of the Summer Wine." It is just hilarious! And "Keeping Up Appearances" is my second favorite. My wife calls me Onslow and I call her Daisy!
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    Sun Baked

    Just wait until MeowTV starts playing on your cable box...

    Now that's some intellectual fluff for the masses.
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    Oh my goodness, i can't believe you like that crap!! FYI, my mum is Hyacinth(sp?) Bucket in every way - VERY annoying; yes, she does do candle lit suppers

    My housemate's nickname is onslow because she wears this weird string vest thing.
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    it wasn't fake
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    Well, if it wasn't fake it seems a bit rough.
    If it was fake, it just sounds like average marketing.

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