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Just sold my ipod on ebay and need help i didnt think i was going to get this far!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Amnak, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Hey all i just sold my iPod touch on ebay but im ssssssuuuuuuupppper confused..... For starters I have sellers remorse can i unsell it? i think i may have given to good of a deal it sold in like less than 1 hour... 2 if i sell it for some reason the invoice says something like NO1 (street name) ... nigeria, but the adress to the house is like in michigan... is this ligit.... help pleeease!
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    Don't bother. Most likely a scam. Nigeria is a country to avoid and is known for scamming
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    It was wired it sold in like less than an hour i think
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    Stay away from Nigeria and Ukraine.
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    try to refund the person his/her money and keep the ipod touch.
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    Just say in a follow-up inspection, you found that the device isn't working properly, and refund their money. Everyone moves on. You might even get positive feedback for being "an honest seller" for letting the buyer know something was wrong with the item instead of shipping it out anyway (even though it's a lie, but no one needs to know).
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    Well put, best way to go about it.

    Never ship to places like Nigeria. It's a scam.
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    I would avoid selling overseas altogether. There could be all sorts of unforeseen consequences.
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    thanks i'll do that and if they happen to say it's ok that its broken i'll know its a scam... there profile also said they joined the same day as me which was yesterday! I never sent the invoice so that means i don't have the money right?

    edit: nope just checked paypal and i have no money in there so she didn't pay yet.
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    Even if they pull a "I want it anyway", it's perfectly reasonable to say that you aren't comfortable selling a broken item.

    Either way, don't leave it open for them to decide. Just say basically that after having a closer look, you found it's not functioning properly, apologize for any inconvenience and just say you'll be issuing a refund for the item.
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    Never, ever sell electronics (especially popular ones) on eBay with a Buy It Now option. People from weird places pick them up and then try to scam you via a fake PayPal statement. I would try Craigslist first( which is better since there's no fees).
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    Yes that's true, Nigeria's entire economy is made from ripping us off. Cragslist is very local, easy, and because of that, it's hard to get scammed.

    You said don't have one with a buy it now option. What about an auction option? Is that safe?
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    BIN is actually safer, but don't allow international bidders and make sure you require immediate payment. If you are in the US and you want bidders from canada only also you can permit only that, so you open up the market for your item a bit wider so you will get more money. Also ship with signature confirmation if you can if its sold within the US. That is the safest way to sell a popular electronics item, and I have sold several iPods on ebay and all have been fine.
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    Honestly you sound ridiculous. If you didn't want to sell it and aren't savvy enough to handle the transaction you had no business putting it on eBay.

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