Just when you think you've lost faith in humanity - this happens

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Andeavor, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Isn't that sweet. So much hate and sorrow in our world (how many bombs were set off in the last few days?) but there's always the random display of human dignity. And thank heavens for YouTube to share those moments with each other across the world.

    Has any stranger ever helped you in the streets before? Well, you can't really call it helping, but once I dropped a 20 dollar bill while bristly walking through the streets of New York, when a young man ran after me giving my money back. I was honestly surprised.

    It was one of those moments where you just know, it's good to be human. :)
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    It's a lovely video.:D

    Unfortunately not all good Samaritan acts work out so well...for the Samaritans.

    Many years ago, my date and I came upon a street person in seizure. It became clear it was not just a simple tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure, but status epilepticus...a very dangerous situation. My date ( a nurse) and I tried to do what we could to help...roll him on his side, etc.

    This occurred before cell phone were ubiquitous, and someone ran to find a phone. Along came a police officer, who told my date and I to go away, he was just a bum, and he would call for a police wagon to take him to the police station. We tried to explain the dire nature of the situation, but he was having none of it, and threatened to bust us if we didn't leave.

    The good Samaritans in the video were wonderful...I wish more of that kind of behavior occurred, and when it does there is support from local authorities.

    Thanks for posting...:D
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    I like that

    Unfortunately here in the us they sue good samaritans in some instances
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    Some cases yes. Most cases, no. If you're trained for CPR (example) and someone dies in your hands, you're protected.
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    Most people aren't CPR trained, personally I would be hesitant to touch anyone who has just fell, I would call for the ambulance and just tell them to stay still if they were unable to get up under their own power.

    There are obvious reasons why you would need to move someone, if they fell into the subway tracks or on a street with traffic perhaps.
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    I haven't lost my faith in humanity at all. The video was very sweet... but if you look around you see this happen all the time. Just not usually with a helmet cam. People are, generally, helpful and will help those around them in need, in my experience.

    I believe we too often obsess on the exceptions, and forget the scores of times that people help us out. Last friday we were at a pub - a regular pub (with rather exceptional beer) - and watched a server race out and run down a couple of guests who had already gotten down the block. They had forgotten their takeout box, it turned out.

    There were just 2 people who caused all that mayhem in Boston recently. There were hundreds of people who in the minutes and seconds after the blasts rushed into a potential danger zone to aid those were injured. This happens all the time.

    Just my hippie dippie two cents....
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    Great video, and a refreshing change. Thanks.
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    Nice video and shows that some people are caring and helpful

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