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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by durant0s, Feb 27, 2008.

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    So I've been waiting to make my purchase until the release of the new MBP. All the while I was getting impatient and almost pulled the trigger on a MBA(thank god I didn't). After justifying that I would not get proper use out of the base model MBP's graphics card, I decieded on the new Macbook since it just got updated. I naturally just started looking at the blackbook because I'm already saving $400, but then I started to look deeper(Since I've had plenty of time).

    Through my edu I can get a blackbook, with iWork and applecare after taxes for: 1772.85

    I can get a macbook with the 250gb HD, iWork, and applecare after taxes for: 1654.87

    I just don't know if I'm totally overlooking a certain spec or something, but is this not the exact same machine just $117 more because it is Black? I mean I do drive a black car, so if I was ever using a blackbook while driving, I would not only be the most dangerous driver on the road, but also the most stylish. Is style worth $117?
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    I noticed this too! Yes, the black MacBook is a complete rip-off! Just a different colour plastic and a slightly bigger HD.
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    Let me save you some time - you can't justify buying a BlackBook. However, you can get over yourself and spend the extra money if you appreciate the blackness enough.

    I've played with a friend's BlackBook a couple of times and it is incredibly stylish. The black simply works, and more than that, it looks fantastic. On the other hand, my brother's white MacBook (the one I'm posting this from), is equally attractive. White is just as stylish as black, but I believe people are attracted to the black model because it's more expensive (only subconsciously, of course). The higher price just makes it seem more special.
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    Yep, as long as there are show-offs, there will be BlackBooks around :D
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    Yeah, I am an Economics major so, it just makes my brain hurt. haha, thanks for the quick reply.
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    buy a refurb

    its $50 more than the white and has a 40GB bigger HD - which pretty much justifies it
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    That is why they call it a "black tax".

    I have the white one. Think it looks great. Only problem is that eventually the palm rests discolor a bit on the white one. They turn a little greyish.
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    Since when can't 'color prefrence' be a reason to buy something loi. Yes, even with electronics. Design is still important to some people. All my electronics are black and I would rather have all my stuff match etc.

    Have you guys ever heard of ColorWarePC? Talk about paying a premium to get what you want. But who cares.. If I'm dropping 1500 dollars on ANYTHING, i would sure as hell drop 1600 and be totally satisfied.

    And if the black one was LESS money and the white was more I would def have still gone with the black.
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    I think I'm just gonna get a white one and spend the extra $117 on RAM upgrade and a (free) remote. As previously stated I'm an Economics major so I would feel more satisfied knowing I got more for my money rather than having everything matching. But to each his/her own.
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    Actually, I did not mean to say that. It's just that people think of the black one as the premium version without realizing that they just do that because it's black.
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    I would pay the extra $117 because the black looks sick, doesn't show any marks -- especially any future discolorations. Plus, it will look way nicer propped up next to your iPhone.

    I also think that the "apple white" will not be around for much longer.... all black and aluminum. Maybe even black aluminum to be ultimately environmental friendly.
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    Yep. That's what I did last night.
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    I think they're going to get rid of both - and have just the Aluminum with the black backlit keys - common parts with the MacBook Air (maybe even the same screen/top portion, obviously a thicker bottom portion).

    This would reduce the number of unique parts for both the MacBook and MacBook Air. Like the iPhone was for the Touch, the MacBook Air was the one they used to develop and eventually use the parts for the regular MacBook.
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    Blacks look cooler.. I don't have one, but I understand why people get it for that.. they look cool..
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    The white is from a bygone Apple era... :p
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    Depends who you ask.

    There are many who would say "yes" and many who would say "no."

    You should look at it from a very personal angle. Ask yourself if the opportunity cost of $117 is worth the trade off (black case). If the black case is important to you for aesthetic reasons, ask yourself how much it is worth to you. Also ask yourself what else you can do with that $117 in the near future. Will it get you a better bag? Will it get you more software?

    If the $117 is otherwise going to sit in your bank account for the next several months, it may change the nature of your opportunity cost to go black. If you foresee wanting something else in the near future (maybe a new iPod or a printer or anything where $117 would make a significant difference), consider that as well.

    To summarize: if you have $117 that won't be "missed" (by which I mean you won't go hungry, you won't be paying off a credit card debt, etc), and you want the black color, just go for it. If the money has other important uses in the near future (up to one year), then don't go black. Either way, the opportunity cost is up to you to decide.
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    If we all only cared about specs and not design we would all be using Hackintoshes and modding PC's to run OSX. Lets be real.
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    Thanks for speaking in a language I can understand.

    I just thought of one more factor, do you think resale value can come into play down the line? i.e. a blackbook would show less ware and tare then a macbook thus having a higher resale value.
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    I thought you might enjoy that word. ;):)
    I think they wear down at about the same rate (each exhibits different signs of age). Plus, if you plan on using it for more than 1 year, resale value shouldn't be your primary concern. After that point (1 year) I doubt color will be a controlling factor on the resale value (it might account for a small amount, but people will look at your CPU, RAM, and hard drive specs a lot more).
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    I'm very happy with my black MacBook. I prefer it to the white. And the extra cost doesn't really bother me. Just like a car, the metallic paint costs more than the standard colors, but underneath the car is the same.
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    I just jumped on one of the blackbook refurbs (its actually for my parents, but whatever). It sucks paying extra just for the colour, but from what I've seen at the Apple Store, the different plastic and finish just feels nicer. Coming from a 12" PB, the white just feels too "plasticy" to me, while the black, although it is still made of plastic, didn't give me that same feeling.

    I may be imagining it, but that helped me to justify it...
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    You could always get the white one and spray paint it black! It might void your warranty, though.
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    my refurb was $250 cheaper than an similar specd white one.
    he shoots he scoooooores

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