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Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Walter P Henson, Jun 14, 2008.

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    You know where it's goin down, the plaza shopping center, I'll be there.
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    Salty Pirate


    bring a cooler, a chair, red bull & grey goose:)
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    I'll be 3rd in line.
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    What time will you guys be getting there if the launch is at 6 pm
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    Salty Pirate

    Last year I arrived at 10am and I was about numero 30 in line.

    The bitch of it was, my brother walked into the apple store at 8:30 and bought an iphone.

    It was fun standing in line, hanging out and such.

    This year, I will probably go eat somewhere on the plaza, go to Kona and get some drinks and head up there at about 3-4pm.
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    That's cool, I am wondering what the rush is gonna be like this year and what the supply will be like. Since it's the only Apple store within over 100 miles i think it could be bad...
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    If this is gonna be a big deal I might come by for photos.
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    Salty Pirate

    They are opening an Apple Store at the park place in Leawood. Not sure if it will be open by the 11th, but it should be close.
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    That would be nice if it was open by the 11th, is there anywhere to find out?
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    Salty Pirate

    I did some googlage. What I found says it is over by the crate & barrel, not at park place and it is scheduled to open in July of 2008. Nothing on Apple's retail page about a grand opening.
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    For those who camped out last year at the plaza store, how many were in line prior to launch. I waited at an AT&T store with about 40 people.
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    I have work Friday nights. :(
    I was wanting to do this, bummer. I could get in line after I get off work and be first on Saturday! Now that's something to brag about :rolleyes:

    Don't forget the sunscreen/umbrellas.
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    Do people share time spots? Like if two friends got their at 10am and one stayed for 4 hours and the other stayed for 4 hours?
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    soooo what time are you guys getting there then cause i dont have an iphone and i dont know what time i should show up or if they will sell out
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    I showed up at an obscure ATT store in JOCO around 8-9am. I was 4th in line. I could have showed up at 10-11am and still got the 8GB model, they only had 10 of those, and 10 of the 4GB. I don't know if that will be the same type of situation this year, or if they will have more.
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    There were roughly around 300+ probably more. The line went around the corner of 47th street all the way down a couple of blocks to that parking garage and I heard even went inside the garage a little bit.

    The leopard launch last October went to the start of the parking garage, so I'm guessing this line is going to be similar to the original iPhone launch.

    I'm still in limbo if I want to actually get the new iPhone though.. it was fun standing in line last year. I think I waiting since around 6am on that Friday at about 25th in line.
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    I'm just going to stop by my local AT&T store Friday evening. If they don't have any there, I might drop by the Plaza Friday night or Saturday. I don't think the demand will be as crazy this time around, but for $199 who knows?
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    Salty Pirate

    I think we will see more demand, but trust me, they will make plenty. Even if you don't get one friday night, I bet they will be had on sat or sun.
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    Yes I will be at the plaza also
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    So what time do you think I should get there if the launch is 8 am or 6 pm?
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    Salty Pirate

    If launch is 8am, I will probably get there at 7:30:eek:
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    The shopping center has a Grand Opening early Aug, but from what myself and others have seen, this store is moving along very quick.

    Leawood Store info/pictures
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    Been There But Not This Year

    I was 20 something in line last year on launch day and first in line on grand opening day. Yes I was the first customer in the Plaza store!:cool: But this year I will by pass the waiting at the  store. Too many people just walked right in last year after the line died down and didn't even have to wait. As much fun as it is hangn' with all the Apple folks, this year I'll pass and go in next week sometime. No big deal now that I've had an iPhone for a year now.

    You guys and gals have fun and let us know how it's going down there when you get there.
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    I went to an ATT Store last year and was like 4th or 6th in line, they only had 20 iPhones come in, and 10 4GB and 10 8GB. I'd rather heed off the Apple Store lines for the ATT ones, but I think the Apple Stores will be much more prepared with inventory than the ATT stores.

    But, its nice to pull up and just get in line a few feet from your car.

    With 8am opening, not sure when I will arrive. I was thinking early, like 3am'ish, but not sure if thats too early or not early enough. Sounds like they want to do 100 orders per hour at the Apple Store and will take people in, in groups of 30.

    So, as long as your the first 100 at Apple Store, probably going to get one. But, if you want the 16GB model, might need to be earlier?!

    The one in Leawood sounds like the place to go, but I live too far from that one.
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    Leawood Store

    I received an email from :apple: this morning that says the grand opening of the Leawood store is on Friday as well. That will cut down on some traffic at the Plaza.

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