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Kansas is "damn flat"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by crenz, Jul 22, 2003.

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    I don't believe it. I'm with the National Pancake Association, and I am here to tell you that *nothing* is flatter than a pancake (or more delicious). Those Kansans have gone too far now...
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    How can you possibly blame it on them, a sheet of paper is flat, not a pancake, you can have lumps, ridges, crevices in a pancake unlike a state.
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    my two-dimensional universe is flatter than all your "flat" three-dimensional items.
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    Maybe so, but my old nitendo pwns your 2 dimensional world. :D
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    I saw a girl once whos breast, I bet, was even flatter than Kansas.
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    I don't know, if they had a nipple it would probably couldn't be flatter. :cool:

    I mean this news just proves a fact already stated.
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    You shouldn't be looking at girls that young. :confused:
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    You're obviously an anti-pancake extremist who'll stop at nothing to spread your pro-Kansas, pro-paper agenda.
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    you anti-pancakers!! argh!
    that's really funny.
    i am now officially pro-pancake and anti-anti-pancake!
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    Noooo, she wasn't young:rolleyes:
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    Welcome to the Brotherhood!
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    I'm from the Crepe Corps. We would like to adamanltly state the we feel marginalized having not been asked to take part in this test.
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    Jerry Spoon

    You shouldn't be looking at girls who have had that many children then.;)
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    HA! How could you Call me an extremist!

    And I am Pro-Pancake also, but also anti-anti-Kansas.

    Look I think Paper is the only true flat substance.

    Oh, okay. :thinks:
    Our Countries have different standars... how old? :eek:
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    paper is the ultimate flat 3D object, yet not nearly as thin as the thickest 2D shape:p

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