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Keep Crashing (go back to lock screen)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by daffyack, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I dont know what i did, but all the sudden, my ipod touch wont function well because whatever i try to do, it goes back to lock screen. I have tried turn it off and on, and also restarted it, but it does let me use anything, does anyone know how to fix this? espescially when I try to use mail and safari, it crashes.
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    Is it jailbroken or just the stock firmware? If JB, what method did you use?

    What firmware?

    You might try doing a full restore on it and seeing if that helps your issues.
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    It has been JB with 1.1.4. I used ZiPhone
    I have restored several times already, so I was hoping I can fix it without restoring it.
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    Does the issue go away when you are back to a stock restore?

    You might try using a different JB method if it does...something like iliberty+

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